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Under Armour HOVR Velociti 3 Performance Review

Under Armour mainly popularize the HOVR series jogging shoes. It uses HOVR technology to develop several series of running shoes to satisfy the different running request. UA HOVR Velociti 3 is light type. The weight is reduced a lot. Will the performance be improved?

I’m surprised at the light weight when getting it. It’s quite light. Of course, it’s compared with HOVR Infinite. So I checked the weight, the unit weight of US8 UA HOVR Velociti 3 is 258g. Although it’s still heavy than some racing running shoes, but the UA running shoes are mainly focused on the configuration, not weight. The vamp is mainly fluorescent green decorated with black Swoosh logo. The outsole is also mainly made of black rubber. It’s attractive.


The main technology of UA HOVR Velociti 3 is HOVR technology. And it also uses Micro G foam material as insole framework. Micro G is extending to the sublayer of forefoot sole to cooperating with HOVR as dual density configuration. So the feedback is faster. It can reduce the buffer and improve the exercise effect. And it has an energy net design on the insole. The energy net is used to stabilize UA HOVR foam material. The shoe-pad uses EVA material to reduce the fatigue and slide, and it also improves the durability.


The outsole uses specific design to improve the flexibility. The main material is durable rubber. The shoe heel uses durable rubber to improve the buffer. The design increases the traction performance and abrasive resistance. And it also has reflective design to improve the security when running in night. The fall of forefoot sole and rear sole is about 8mm. UA HOVR Velociti 3 also can connects to UA MAPMYRUN which can follow and analyze the running data.


From UA HOVR Velociti 3, we can see that UA try to develop the racing light running shoes. The air permeability and comfort level of UA HOVR Velociti 3 is good. It uses Micro G foam material as insole framework, and it has HOVR energy net design, it can improve the feedback. The material of shoe-pad is EVA which can reduce fatigue and slide, the durability is also good. UA has improved the performance a lot. I will use UA HOVR Velociti 3 as daily training running shoes. It will be easy to slip when raining. It needs to be careful.