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Under Armour Curry 6 Performance Review

The resion that I purchased Curry 6 is, I’m the fans of Curry, and the price of Curry 6 is good. So I didn’t hesitate to purchase it.


The appearance, supporting performance and anti-torsion performance is good. I’m surprised that the knitted vamp of Curry 6 has excellent supporting performance. The insole material is stiff, with the TPU, it brings excellent anti-torsion performance. The anti-rollover performance is also good.


The disadvantage is the HOVR cushion. I haven’t felt the obvious feedback of cushion performance.

Air Permeability

Although it’s knit material, but the air permeability is bad. It only has some ventilated holes on the instep. The other parts of knit material have reinforcement. Of course, the reinforced part will sacrifice the air permeability.

Cushion Performance

The HOVR insole is stiff. The HOVR material on the running shoes should be different with Curry basketball shoes. The stiff insole material will improve the anti-torsion performance, but the cushion performance is unqualified. I change to Nazaroo shoe-pad, it improves the cushion performance, although it’s not much, but its’ enough for me.


For Curry series basketball shoes, I suggest you to have a try on physical store. I suggest you to purchase half size or one size bigger than normal size.

The shoelaces holes are made of cords. But it doesn’t connect the shoe heel. The knitted material on instep has good docility, it won’t press the instep.

Supporting Performance

The knitted vamp has reinforced design. It can fix my foot very well when turning.


The forefoot sole is thin, so the starting feedback is very fast, but the disadvantage is bad cushion performance of forefoot sole.

Traction Performance

The traction performance s excellent, I can stop in time. But Curry slipped on the competition, it should be the problem of TPU.

Abrasive Resistance

The abrasive resistance of Curry 6 is good. I have played basketball on the cement court and plastic cement about 10 times. It doesn’t have obvious abrasion.

Anti-rollover Performance

Except the broaden design and stiff HOVE which can offer the support, the TPU extends to forefoot sole, it reinforces the anti-rollover performance.


The overall performance of Curry 6 is good, but the cushion performance is unsuitable for most of people. The traction performance, ani-torsion performance and anti-rollover performance of Curry 6 is excellent. If you don’t have high request for the cushion performance, Curry 6 is a pair of perfect basketball shoes. The unit weight is light, the starting speed is fast.

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Under Armour Curry 6 Performance Review

Many guys are interested in UA Curry series. Today let’s have a look at Under Armour Curry 6.

Size:US10= EUR44 normal size

Unit Weight: 360g

The size is normal, but if your foot is wide type and has high instep, you can choose half size bigger.

The overall colorway of shoebox is purplish blue. The front side is printed with Curry’s logo.

The reverse side is printed with Under Armour.

This one is International Boulevard colorway. Its design inspiration comes from the International Boulevard of Oakland which is the way to center of the Shang Dynasty. So this colorway is meaningful. Although the Golden State Warriors moved out the center of the Shang Dynasty, but undoubtedly, this gymnasium gives Curry and the fans a lot of memory.

UA Curry 6 is still low type. The vamp is integrated type, and it has a socks type design on the shoe throat. The knit of vamp has different density. The lines and density from the forefoot to shoe heel is changing.

The knit is thick, so the strength is good. It also has a lining inside which is similar to stiff rubber.

The outside of forefoot has a big area of hot-pressing material to increase the fit and support of forefoot.

The shoe tongue uses high elastic knitted material, and it doesn’t have lining, so the air permeability is good.

Meanwhile, the ductility of shoe tongue is also good. If you have high instep, it won’t press the foot like other integrated type vamp.

There is a piece of leather which has the logo of Under Armour and Curry on the shoe tongue.

The shoelaces system is interesting. It looks like dynamic shoe lacing system, but it isn’t. The buckles are single one, it can’t be pulled. So the shoe lacing system of Curry 6 is fake dynamic shoe lacing system.

It has the horizontal filling on the shoe heel.

The built-in counter is stiff and big. And it has a round of stiff rubber to reinforce.

For the insole of Curry 6, this time it uses the HOVR cushion technology, not only using EVA cushion material. We can see that the rear sole has some deformation when pressing it, but it’s still stiff for me when wearing.

The insole is thick. The forefoot has obvious cocking-up design, it’s suitable for the guys who like breakthrough.  And the shoe heel also has obvious cocking-up design to improve the stability. The insole technology has some latticed lines. As the official said that it’s to restrict the deformation of insole.

There is a piece of plastic TPU on the shoe heel which is engraved with Curry’s logo.

For the outsole, the outside of forefoot is round grain, and the inner side is latticed type. The grain of midsole is vertical type. And the grain of rear sole is also round type.

Meanwhile, we can see that it hides the name of Curry’s wife and two daughters on the grain of forefoot sole. The midsole has Curry’s logo. The inboard TPU is Curry’s signature and his words ‘I CAN DO ALL THINGS’.

The overall anti-torsion performance of Curry 6 is also great.

Overall, I like Curry 6, regardless of the appearance or design. I’m expecting its actual performance.