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UA Curry 7 “Pi Day” Performance Review

Today let’s have a look at the casual basketball shoes UNDER ARMOUR Curry 7 “Pi Day”which was released for the birthday of Curry.

Size: US9.5 EUR43

Unit Weight:360g

After Curry signed with UA, the colorway that UA release for the birthday of Curry is very classic in each sports competition season. Which birthday colorway would you like?

The name “Pi Day”is the same day as the birthday of Curry. So UA called it as “Pi Day”.

The performance and appearance of Curry 7 is excellent. Although my flat feet feel a little uncomfortable, but I still like it.

The biggest change of CURRY 7 ‘PI DAY’ should be the vamp.

The completed vamp uses integrated socks design. It’s obviously more suitable for daily wearing, unsuitable for playing basketball games.

The vamp of forefoot uses fire cracks design leather which extends from shoe head to middle vamp.

Excepting the leather, the other position of vamp is ventilated mesh fabric.

There is a piece of leather on the pull-tab which is printed with the logo of Curry.

The shoe heel is also printed with the front 30 numbers of PI-3.14159265358979323846264338327

Although it’s integrated vamp, but it isn’t hard to put on and take off. The elasticity of shoe collar is good, and the padding of shoe heel is thick, it’s comfortable.

The insole of Curry 7 is HOVR +MICRO G, and it has a piece of Flexible Plate.

I always think that Curry 7 is suitable for the players who is light weight. But one of my friend who is 188cm and 98kg, he told me that he loves Curry 7 and the cushion performance is enough for him. And the reactivity of Curry 7 is also good.

Of course, we don’t mean to recommend the guys who have heavy weight can choose Curry 7. Different people, the request is different. After trying, then you can know which one is more suitable to you.

The outsole is the same as other Curry 7. The traction performance is great. Although the  druability is not great, but it is qualified.

Although the performance of Adidas Next Level (which is also the integrated socks design) is great, but I don’t suggest you the wear Curry 7 ‘PI DAY’ to play basketball.

As the strength of vamp is not so good as Adidas Next Level. It’s more suitable for daily wearing.