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Reebok ZIG KINETICA Performance Review

The Reebok ZIG returns to the market again. Different with other brands which only return the technology, but this time Reebok want to return ZIG to exploit its trend market. ZIG Kinetica is designed by Kouhei Okita. ZIG Kinetica is more and more popular by the sports enthusiasts and trendsetters.

Although it looks simply, actually, the vamp is made of complicated and multi-layered design. It uses mesh fabric and chamois leather materials by hot-melt joint and seam to combine the vamp. The design of shoe tongue is special. It’s hard to take off and put on, but after fastening the shoes laces, the shoe tongue won’t be easy to move.

The cushion should be the soul of shoes. The insole of ZIG Kinetica uses FloatRide Fuel and Zig Energy Shell mixed cushion technology. What is FloatRide Energy?It’s a foam made by steam forming TPE.  It’s similar to the Boost insole, but it’s lighter. Reebok said that this material is lighter about 30% than normal EVA foam, and it reduces the weight of shoes but keeping the protection and supporting performance. Reebok has taken this cushion technology as the designated black technology for American astronauts’ space boots in 2017.

Comparing with previous ZIG technology, Zig Energy Shell’s electroacoustic dynamic design combines trends with movement. Actually, it works in a way that traditional structures have never done before. ZIG Energy Shell focuses more on the resilience through structure deformation to provide forward dynamic feedback. It’s a good choice to marathon runners for daily training.

The big area of TPU on the shoe heel is useful for training in fitness room.

The outsole of   Zig Energy Bands still uses Z type design which can offer good traction performance on the city roads.

I feel it’s a little heavy, especially the shoe heel. It needs time to break-in. The cushion feedback is good even walking.

When running on the road, I can feel that the outsole can grip the ground very well. Although it doesn’t have raised rubber particles, but the big area of durable rubber offers great traction performance. After running 10km, I haven’t felt tired. The supporting performance is good.


Fitness: 8.5 scores

Cushion Performance: 9 scores

Comfort level: 8.5 scores

Stability: 8.5 scores

Appearance: 8 scores

Cost Performance: 8 scores

The design and performance of ZIG Kinetica brings much surprise to us. The flatulent appearance and excellent insole combine the material cushion and structure cushion perfectly. As the vamp is thick, Zig Kinetica has good protection and stability. It’s suitable for most of runners. If you like the insole technology of ZIG, you can choose it, it won’t make you disappointed.

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Unboxing and Closed Look: Reebok ZIG KINETICA

From the classic PUMP to DMX flowing air cushion, the vamp and insole technology of Reebok is always distinctive. The design of ZIG series in 2010 and REALFLEX series in 2012 is quite special. The flatulent insole design of Reebok is different from the classic running shoes. The novel design was very successful on then, but ZIG and REALFLEX hasn’t been sold as well as previous series.  Reebok transform the brand in 2014, it brings the triangle logo to the fitness room.

It’s surprised that Reebok use the previous ‘antelope’s horn’ logo to the design of running shoes recently.  Today, we want to have a closed look at the new released ZIG KINETICA running shoes. Yes, ZIG series returns.


Colorway: Black/Orange

Size: EUR42 (270MM)

Unit Weight: 387G

Technology:ZIG、ENERGY SHELL、Floatride Fuel



The appearance of ZIG KINETICA is quite special.  We know that it’s ZIG series running shoes at the first sight. The insole is waved type and the shape is flatulent. It’s very attractive. This pair of ZIG KINETICA running shoes is black and orange colorway.

The inner side 

It uses symmetric style design on both of inner side and outer side. The design of inner side is more succinct.

Shoe Heel

The design of shoe heel is quite special. The rubber of outsole is extended to upper. It increases the durability. The TPU surrounding the whole shoe heel to both sides of upper which increases the stability.


The lining of upper is filled with sponge bars. It’s soft. The raised soft extending bars on the sides of upper is soft and thin, although it’s not stiff, we still suggest you to wear high socks when running.

Shoe Head

The shoe head is stiff, and it has the Reebok logo.


The thickness of vamp is medium. It uses several layers mesh fabric to offer enough protection. And it has dense ventilated holes on the vamp. But the mesh fabric is not thin, so the air permeability is not good, but it also won’t be hot.

Shoe Tree 

The shoe tree is a little wide type. My foot is wide type, but it’s very comfortable after wearing.

Shoe Tongue

The shoe tongue buckle design of ZIG KINETICA is quite special. It fixes the shoe tongue very well. The shoe tongue won’t move when running. And the separated shoe tongue design is also nice for the runners who have high instep


The insole of ZIG KINETICA is made of two parts. We can’t touch the inner Floatride Fuel material by hands, as it’s covered by shell. The Zig Energy Shell surround the insole to improve the stability. And it looks cool. And the waved structure improves the cushion performance.

Although it doesn’t have anti-torsion plate on the midsole, but the insole is thick, so the stability is good, but meanwhile it also reduces the flexibility.


The outsole of ZIG KINETICA is covered a big area of black durable rubber from the shoe head to shoe heel. And it has hollow-out part on the outsole to reduce the weight of running shoes. I’m satisfy at the thickness of rubber.


The workmanship of ZIG KINETICA is good. And we can see the sunk raised grains on the forefoot sole


The shoe-pad of Zig Kinetica is normal EVA shoe-pad

Unit Weight

The unit weight of Zig Kinetica is 387g. As a pair of running shoes, it’s a little heavy. But the heavy weight is due to the thick insole and big area of rubber on outsole


The size of Reebok running shoes is bigger than normal size. We suggest you to purchase half size smaller.