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Reebok FAST FLEXWEAVE™ Performance Review

In 1895, the founder Joseph William Foster created the world’s first pair of spiked running shoes, the Reebok, a British brand with the history of more than 100 years. Reebok recently release the new FLEXWEAVE vamp technology. Today we want to talk about Reebok FAST FLEXWEAVE™.

The new FLEXWEAVE material looks like knit with Flywire. The knitting tightness of shoe head is not high, it’s soft. Both sides of vamp is added with high strength and high elastic knit which can offer good supporting performance.

The insole is not thick. The wide forefoot sole offer good stability, but the insole is too flat. The insole don’t have TPU support, so it will be an ordeal for ankle strength.

The flat and thin sole design is more suitable for weight training.

When making agility turning training, the feeling of FLEXWEAVE is comfortable. We can feel the excellent flexibility and ductility. The air permeability of FLEXWEAVE is good.  It’s suitable for training in Summer.


The vamp is soft but also strong.

The appearance looks cool. The unit weight is about 240g. It’s already very light. Of course, it’s basic request for a pair of running shoes.

The vamp is integrated, it’s only jointed on the shoe heel. And it has built-in TPU plate on the shoe heel, which offer stable supporting performance. It only provides padding around ankle. This kind of design develops the performance of FLEXWEAVE. The shoe tongue is seamed with lining to be integrated. The shoe laces is flat type, this kind of design makes the vamp fit the instep very well. And the shoe laces is not easy to loosen.

The vamp is stiffer than previous running shoes. And the lining is thin. After wearing for a spell, the vamp is softer. It’s due to the integrated vamp and inner sleeve design.

The integrated vamp and inner sleeve design can fit the foot very well.

FLEXWEAVE vamp offer good supporting performance when lateral movement.

The black EVA is comfortable. The outsole is emphasized on sensitiveness. It can help you to train the muscle strength of your foot and control your body well at the volley.


I’m surprised at the Reebok FAST FLEXWEAVE™, but just the vamp technology. The FLEXWEAVE knit technology offer good supporting performance, air permeability and flexible. I’m expecting that Reebok can break through and innovate on the running field. If you need to do cross training and strength speed training on fitness room, I recommend you to wear this pair of Reebok FAST FLEXWEAVE™, it will improve your sport performance.