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PUMA x First Mile Lqdcell Optic XI Performance Review

In recent years, due to the prominent problems such as haze weather, climate warming and ocean garbage island, environmental protection has gradually attracted more and more people’s attention. Many children’s books even involve the topic of garbage recycling.

I am lucky to receive the jointly signed shoes by PUMA and FIRST MILE.

As is well-known, environmental choices is the sports and fashion industries are always been concerned. Recently, PUMA has teamed up with FIRST MILE, an environmental charity, to create an environmentally range of products made from recycled plastics, which include more than 60 different men’s and women’s clothing, trainers, t-shirts, shorts, trousers and blazers, and 25 different styles and colors of shoes.

All of PUMA x FIRST MILE environmental series products include 83%-100% First Mile reproducible yarn, which comes from the abandoned plastics in Haiti, Honduras and China Taiwan. It reduces the garbage and the environmental pollution.

Let’s have a look at the producing process of reproducible yarn. First Mile recycles the abandoned plastic bottles and send them to local plastic collecting center. Then the collecting center classify the plastic bottles and send to the recycling factory to dispose. The recycling factories wear the plastic bottles to plastic debris, then suppress to plastic particles.

The plastic particles are made to thin strips, then it becomes soft fiber.

It puffing the soft fiber, then it becomes elastic and stiff yarn.

Finally, it’s the schedule of producing fabric. The fabric is special.

What’s the performance of PUMA x First Mile Lqdcell Optic XI? Let’s have a look at it today.


It uses big area of green and yellow camouflage pattern. It has bluish logo on the shoe heel, and luminous yellow PUMA on the shoe tongue.

Air Permeability

The knitted vamp uses mixed fabrics which includes at least 50% reproducible yarn. The usage of First Mile yarn is about 26% to 100%. The feet aren’t stuffy when running in Summer.

Cushion Performance

The insole still uses the LQDCELL, HYBRID and Profoam technologies to guarantee the light weight and good cushion performance.


It uses different outsole pattern on different area to increase the friction force. It uses different material of rubber and foam in the front, rear and middle sole. It reduces the weight and increase the abrasive resistance of outsole.


Due to the vamp material and insole technology, the size EUR43 is light.

All shoes in PUMA x FIRST MILE’s eco-friendly range have passed PUMA’s physical performance tests, ensuring that the footwear is suitable for training and that the wearer can train at any time.

PUMA x First Mile Lqdcell Optic XI is designed for training beginners. It can offer comfortable wearing experience for runners. In terms of size selection, we suggest to choose the normal size or half size bigger.