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Puma Uproar Hybrid Court Performance Review

Today let’s have a look at the second pair of basketball shoes that Puma return to basketball shoes’ market—PUMA Uproar.

Size: US10/EUR43, US9/EUR42

Unit weight: US10–480G, US9–463G

The shoebox of PUMA Uproar is the same as PUMA Clyde Court. So let’s ignore it.

Today I will share two different colorways with you.

As the second pair of basketball shoes that PUMA return to basketball shoes’ market, I think that PUMA Uproar is much better than PUMA Clyde Court Disrupt.

Actually the vamp material of these two different colorways is different. The shoe head of the blue & purple one should be textile fabric material which has good air permeability. The shoe head of white & blue one is made of leather which can fit the foot better and has good support.

In major vamp part, both of these two colorways use leather. The shoe tongue and the part around ankle use ventilated fabric material.

In the outside of vamp, it’s classic PUMA logo. It should be also made of leather. But I think that the supporting performance will be better if changing it to stiff plastic.

The front 4 shoe lacing buckles use dynamic design which is similar to flywire. And the rear 2 shoe lacing buckles have additional plastic to offer better fit.

PUMA Uproar uses full-length inner sleeve design which is convenient for putting on and taking off.

There is a surrounding stiff plastic on the shoe heel. And it also has a built-in counter. Comparing with PUMA Clyde Court Disrupt, the supporting strength is also good. But the outside part is a little softer.

The insole of PUMA Uproar uses IGNITE and Hybrid cushion technology.

We can see that the insole is made of different material. There is a piece of stiff material on the shoe heel which separate the forefoot sole and rear sole.

The forefoot sole has good resilience. IGNITE material is used in most of PUMA’s running shoes. This time it’s used in the basketball shoes. After trying, I think the performance is great. The Hybrid on the rear sole is totally different with the Hybrid of PUMA Clyde Court Disrupt.

Meanwhile, the outsole of forefoot sole is extended for anti-rollover.

I’m expecting the actual performance of PUMA Uproar.

The design of outsole grain is complicated. We can see that it has herringbone, and it also has transverse and vertical grains on the outsole. The traction performance should be great. The material of sole is stiff rubber. So the abrasive resistance should be good.

For the anti-torsion performance, we try to bend it, but the middle part can’t be bent. I guess that the midsole has anti-torsion plate.

The white and blue colorway is to salute the team of Detroit Pistons’ jersey colorway.

The another one is all-star exclusive colorway. Orange represents the Charlotte’s previous team Bobcats and purple represents Charlotte’s present team Hornets. I prefer to this colorway.

Except these two colorways, the other colorways of Puma Uproar Hybrid Court also look great. Will you choose it?