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PUMA LQDCELL Optic Performance Review

The appearance of PUMA LQDCELL Optic is special. It’s different with present normal shoes.

What is LQDCELL? It’s evolved from the PUMA CELL air cushion technology. It’s semi-transparent.

The main style of PUMA is FUTRO style in these two years.  The future mix-and-match retro style establish our new impression to PUMA. The multilevel design of PUMA LQDECELL OPTIC is similar to FUTRO. The appearance is obvious if you also see other PUMA series shoes. There are two special parts of PUMA LQDCELL Optic, firstly, the vamp material will be adjusted according to the colorway. Secondly, the insole uses LQDCELL technology and it’s semi-transparent.

The vamp material is different according to the different colorway

From the first released colorway of PUMA LQDCELL Optic, the vamp becomes one of the noticeable parts. As PUMA rarely uses the semi-transparent material. The different color of PUMA LQDCELL Optic uses different material, except the semi-transparent insole, it also has mesh fabric, dynamic thread forming and scuba diving fabric.

The new colorway vamp also has offset printing hexagon grain. It implies the special hexagon structure of insole LQDCELL technology. And the vamp also has some stereochemical structures. The most obvious part should be the FOAMSTRIPE logo on the side of vamp.

The exposed semi-transparent cushion technology

PUMA LQDCELL air cushion technology devotes to training shoes field from August. Base on the PUMA CELL air cushion technology, it developed the liquid semi-transparent LQDCELL. And the hexagon air cushion offers better stability. It’s comfortable and stable. It’s more stable than air cushion. When jumping to the ground, the LQDCELL can absorb the energy and buffer the impact.


It works with the EVA insole technology of PUMA LQDCELL Optic, which can offer better feedback.

PUMA LQDCELL Optic don’t limit on the indoor sports ground, it’s also suitable for casual shoes. PUMA LQDCELL Optic is not conservative street new power.