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Puma Legacy dark mode Performance Review

Item:Puma Legacy dark mode
Size: US11
Total Length:about 31.5cm
The widest part of forefoot sole: about 11.5cm
The widest part of shoe heel: about 9cm
The thickest part of forefoot sole:about 3cm
The thickest part of shoe heel:about 5cm
Height:about 16cm
Anti-torsion plate: Yes

Anti-torsion design: No

Cushion Technology:full-length EVA cushion with Hybrid cushion technology on rear sole
Tester’s Height/Weight: 175cm/85kg

Many sport brands are competing for the market of basketball shoes. Puma also return to the market of basketball shoes now. Puma has released 4 models of basketball shoes. Today we want to talk about Puma Legacy.

Appearance: 6 scores

The appearance is not special. The main colorway is black and green. The front part of vamp is knitted material and the rear part is artificial leather. The knitted vamp is decorated with green.

Fitness:9 scores

Although it doesn’t use the new technology, it only uses shoelaces, the shoes can fit the foot very well.

Supporting Performance: 5 scores

Although the vamp uses knitted material and artificial leather, but the knitted vamp is not soft. So the overall supporting performance is good.

Protection: 5 scores

Although the lining around the ankle is not thicker than Pro Model 2G, but after fastening the shoelaces, the fitness of Puma Legacy is better than Pro Model 2G, it likes wearing the ankle guard.

Feedback: 7 scores

We can’t feel the feedback of forefoot sole. But the rear sole has EVA and Hybrid cushion technology, the feedback is above average, it’s obvious.

Cushion Performance: 9 scores

As the rear sole has EVA and Hybrid cushion technology, when jumping to the ground with rear sole, the EVA will absorb the strength and it will rebound by the Hybrid technology. So the cushion performance of rear sole is great.

Traction Performance: 9 scores

The outsole of Puma Legacy is omni-directional grains. I’m doubt for the traction performance of this outsole. But after testing, we find that the outsole can grip the ground very well. The traction performance is great.

Abrasive Resistance: 7 scores

The grain is not deep and the material of outsole is soft. So after testing about 8 hours, we can see that it has obvious abrasion on the outsole

Anti-rollover Performance: 5 scores

Although it doesn’t have anti-rollover design, but I haven’t sprained the ankle when playing basketball.

There are 3 important elements for the anti-rollover performance:

  1. Center of gravity can’t be too high.
  2. The insole material can’t be too soft. The insole material of Puma Legacy is stiff. It won’t collapse when lateral movements.
  3. Anti-rollover design. Although Puma Legacy doesn’t have obvious anti-torsion design, but it uses other design to make up the deficiency. The design of arch part is high. The Puma logo on the outside of vamp is stiff rubber, which can improve the stability when lateral movements. It’s middle type design, so it can also reduce the risk of rollover.

Anti-torsion Performance: 5 scores

The anti-torsion performance of Puma Legacy is excellent

C P  level:10 cores. It’s easy matching shoes.

 Overall: 86 scores

Comparing with Adidas Pro Model 2G, the disadvantages of Puma Legacy are the abrasive resistance and appearance. The other performance of Puma Legacy is better than Adidas  Pro Model 2G. As the design of midsole is narrow and the arch part is high, so we don’t suggest you to purchase if you have wide foot, low instep or flat foot.

Before purchasing on line, it’s better to have a try on the physical stores to choose the right size.