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Puma Hybrid Fuego x First Mile Performance Review




Apr. 22 is the world earth day. In this season, Puma release an environmentally-themed Hybrid Fuego x First Mile running shoes. The raw materials of Hybrid Fuego x First Mile are collected from worldwide. It cut the abandoned plastic empty bottles to re-produce the materials. First Mile is the name of environmental protection commonweal organization. It jointly signed with Puma Hybrid series.

Puma Hybrid Fuego x First Mile


Unit Weight: 226g

Technology:Hybrid insole


The shoebox is made of recycled paper. The shoebox is stiff, the quality is good.

The main colorway of running shoes is olive green and yellow. And it has an azure Puma logo on the shoe heel.

Inner side:

It doesn’t have extra patterning on the inner side. It only has a piece of extending plate from arch to offer the support.

Shoe heel:

It has built-in surrounding TPU supporting plate on the shoe heel. The hardness is high. It’s suitable for Spring and Summer. The mesh fabric on the shoe upper is a little rough, it needs times to break-in.


The vamp is seamless jointed design. It’s almost integrated type. It uses hot-melting plate on the outside of vamp to lengthen the physical life of shoes.

The material of vamp is double-deck mesh fabric design. We can see the snakeskin texture under the black grid mesh. It’s special.

Shoe Tongue:

The shoe tongue is traditional separated type. It can be adjusted to adapt to the runners who have different arch height. It’s also decorated with PUMA logo. But when running, the shoe tongue is easy to move.

Shoe Head:

It has a small Puma logo on the crashproof shoe head.


The insole of Hybrid Fuego is not full-length Hybrid. It’s Profoam material which is covered with a piece of Hybrid on the shoe heel. The area of Hybrid is not big, about 1/3 of insole. But it’s undeniable that the small Hybrid offer good cushion performance. The Profoam is stiff and elastic.


The integrated Profoam is extending to the outsole. It has different lines to increase the traction performance. It adds wear-resisting rubber on the shoe head and shoe heel.


The workmanship of lining is good.


The black EVA shoe-pad is also made of recycle material. The thickness is moderate. The force of friction is high.


The location of Hybrid Fuego is light cushion type. It’s two extremes. If you want extreme light weight, it can make excellent cushion. If you want excellent cushion, it needs to sacrifice the weight. But Hybrid Fuego x First Mile combines the light weight with good cushion performance well. The unit weight of EUR42.5 is 226g. It’s very light.

Actual Performance:

As Hybrid Fuego x First Mile has Hybrid technology on the rear sole, we can feel the obvious feedback of Hybrid when walking or running on the asphalt road, tile floor and cement.

But I’m worried at the abrasive resistance of the outsole, as a big area of outsole hasn’t been covered with wear-resisting rubber. We have found the abrasion after running a few times.

The air permeability of the vamp is good. I haven’t felt hot after running 15km. But the shoe tongue is easy to move when running.

Although the insole doesn’t have anti-torsion plate, the protection is not good, but the flexibility is good. The anti-rollover performance is also good when running. It’s suitable for daily training, not suitable for long distance running.

Overall Comment:

Fitness: 8.5 scores

Cushion Performance: 8.5 scores

Comfort Level: 8.5 scores

Air Permeability: 9 scores

Appearance: 9 scores

Cost Performance: 8.5 scores