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Puma Clyde Hardwood Performance Review

Today we will share the simple performance review of Puma Clyde Hardwood. I bought Puma Clyde Hardwood on Oct.,2019. But I only wore it to play basketball one time. As the anti-rollover performance of Puma Clyde Hardwood is not good, it’s easy to sprain the ankle. So I dared not to wear it second time. Last week I wore it again and played basketball games about 2 hours.


  1. Good fitness and supporting performance

The appearance of Puma Clyde Hardwood is retro. The material is mesh fabric and synthetic leather. And it has half inner sleeve design, so the fitness is good.

▼The material is mesh fabric and synthetic leather

The front two shoelaces’ holes are dynamitic. The shoe tongue is also thick enough. So the fitness is very good. It can fit the foot very well.
▼Dynamic shoelaces

▼Thick shoe tongue

For supporting performance, it has TPU on the outside, it can stabilize the lateral support. And the material of vamp is thick. So it’s quite stable.
▼lateral TPU

It has a piece of big visible TPU on the shoe heel. It looks good, and it also offers good support and protection.
▼The TPU on the shoe heel looks good

2. Great Traction Performance

The outsole of Puma Clyde Hardwood is classic herringbone. The inner side of outsole uses deep pattern. The abrasive resistance is good.

▼herringbone pattern

Although the traction performance is good, but it’s not excellent. It’s easy to absorb dust, the traction performance will decline. It needs to clean.

▼the abrasive resistance is good


  1. Bad Cushion performance

The Puma Clyde Hardwood uses Pro Foam cushion. Most of guys are unfamiliar with the cushion of Puma. The cushion performance of Puma Clyde Hardwood is not good.

It’s qualified for daily wearing. But it’s unsuitable for playing basketball. Pro Foam is a little soft, but the elasticity is not good.

▼Pro Foam cushion is not good

After playing basketball about 2 hours, my knees wear hurt. The starting speed is not fast, and the feedback of cushion performance is not obvious.

I think that Pro Foam cushion is only suitable for walking.

  1. Bad anti-rollover performance

As I mentioned, the anti-rollover performance of Puma Clyde Hardwood is not good, it has the risk to sprain the ankle.

▼bad anti-rollover performance

I compared with Why Not Zer0.3. The width of shoe heel is almost the same. But the extending outsole pattern of shoe heel is not big enough, so it’s unstable.

Shoe Tree:  a little narrow

Size: it’s a little big, I suggest to choose half size smaller than normal size.

The appearance of Puma Clyde Hardwood is retro, it’s cool. I love the appearance. Actually the performance is almost the same as Air Force 1. If you want to play basketball, we don’t suggest you to choose Puma Clyde Hardwood.