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NIKE LeBorn Soldier 12 Performance Review

I just purchased a pair of NIKE LeBorn Soldier 12 recently. I want to share my review for the performance of NIKE LeBorn Soldier 12 today.

  1. Fit:8 scores

The shoe head is made of leather, and the vamp is covered with crossed strap, the shoes can fit foot very well. Although it looks like mid-high type, but actually the ankle part is very soft. So it can’t protect the ankle very well.

Comparing with traditional shoe laces, if you want to fasten the shoes very tight, you need to pull the strap, so the buckle of strap may be easy to broken. So I haven’t fasten it too tight.

I have a little knack for fastening the crossed lace up. Firstly, the outer strap is passed into the adhesive, and then the inner strap is inserted into the inner buckle. Thus, at the intersection of the vamp, the inner straps with the buckles are pressed against the outer straps, and the straps are adhered to lower position. The strap won’t be easy to loose at this way.

  1. Stability: 7 scores

The insole TPU and shoe heel TPU has good strength. The stability level is above average. But as the ZOOM Air is put on the bottom layer of insole, so it’s easy to waggle. And the vamp is soft, so it will lose some stability on the vamp. So I only give 7 scores for the stability.

  1. Cushion Performance: 7 scores

NIKE LeBorn Solider 12 uses fan shaped ZOOM air on forefoot and U-shaped Zoom Air on rear sole. I can feel the feedback from forefoot ZOOM obviously. The starting speed is fast. But I can’t feel the resilience of the ZOOM on rear sole. The cushion performance of rear sole is really worse.

  1. Traction Performance: 8 scores on plastic court, 10 scores on cement court

The grain of outsole is deep. So the traction performance is excellent. It can grip the ground well.

  1. Abrasive Resistance: 5 scores

I purchase LeBorn Soldier series is for outer court. But the version that I purchased is without XDR. You can see the picture of rear sole after ten times basketball games. The abrasive resistance is worse. I suggest you to purchase the outsole with XDR for better durability.

Overall, LeBorn Soldier is suitable for high strength basketball games. It’s suitable for front line and medium weight players. The comfort level, flexibility and stability is the middle average. If you are heavy weight, it’s better to choose the shoes which can protect the ankle better.

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Columbia SH/FT Performance Review

Columbia, a small workshop founded in 1938 in Oregon, USA, which manufactures raincoats and rain hats, has become the world’s leading outdoor sportswear brand.

Till now, the Columbia’s product line has expended from raincoats, rain hats to outdoor jackets, multi-functional pants, backpack, outdoor sneakers and other outdoor clothes. It’s popular among outdoor enthusiasts.

In recent years, in addition to developing professional products, Columbia has also begun to enter the tidal current limit, and successively released jointly signed products with XLARGE, atmos Kinetics and KITH.

Recently, Columbia has also released a pair of shoes that can handle all-weather, indoor and outdoor, and even outdoor sports.

Would you like to buy a pair of shoes for daily dressing or for outdoor sporting?

This time Columbia SH/FT can satisfy both of your request. Let’s have a look at its performance.

  1. Cushion Performance

Columbia SH/FT city hiking boots uses new high flexible and elastic SH/FT cushion insole. It’s new dual-compound cushioning composite, which upgrade the composite structure of traditional air cushion. After testing for a few days, the cushion performance of Columbia SH/FT is good, it’s similar to the cushion of my running shoes. The rear sole has been thickened to protect the heel. The sole of forefoot is thin and convenient for starting.

You know, the outdoor sneakers are always heavy, but this pair of Columbia SH/FT is light. Except the thick vamp, the weight of insole material is not heavy. It’s very suitable for long time walking.

  1. Comfort Level

Different with traditional waterproof technology, the outer material of Columbia SH/FT is mainly used for isolating the water drop and silver sands. The inner side of vamp uses classic OutDry three-dimensional light waterproof technology, which is similar to the material for windproof and waterproof technology to make sure the foot dry.

I wore it on rainy day, although the water is on the vamp, but the inner side is totally dry.

And I also put the shoes in the water, the water also can’t enter the inner side of shoes.

The jointed vamp and socks type design is made for the trend leaders.

It uses the inner sleeve elastic fabric and lengthen the shoe head which can release the moving space for foot. It’s very suitable for my high instep.

The size is also EUR44, but the forefoot is loose.

  1. Traction Perfromance

Columbia SH/FT uses Omni-Grip outsole which uses short spikes to balance the city roads, but it’s also suitable for outdoor road.

The outsole design is thickened. So I don’t need to worry about the abrasive resistance.

The multi-zone grains can assure the traction performance, not matter the slippery road or lichenous stones.

  1. Overall

Columbia SH/FT is a pair of shoes which is suitable for going to street and work on sunny day and rainy day, and it’s also suitable for hiking.

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Asics Gelhoop V11 Performance Review

Asics released the basketball shoes Gelhoop V11 recently. The most classic Asics basketball shoes are Gelhoop and Gelburst series. I want to share my performance review of Asics Gelhoop V11 today.


  1. Nice Cushion Performance

Although it’s still called Gel, but from the official website, we can see that V11 should haven’t used GEL cushion technology, but use Flytefoam insole and Spevafoam cushion.

I guess that the shoe-pad should be Flytefoam. The cushion performance of Flytefoam is just so so, it’s a little stiff. After taking off the shoe-pad, we can see the blue part, I think that should be Spevafoam. It’s soft and elastic, but it’s not thick.

As Gelhoop is mid-range model, so the cushion performance won’t be better than Gelburst. But it’s enough. I can feel it, but it’s not very soft and elastic. The starting speed is fast, so I like its cushion.

  1. Good Traction Performance

The outsole of Asics Gelhoop V11 adopts most of the design of Asics basketball shoes. It’s the rubber sole with many disc and lines grain. The traction performance in inner floor is good. And Gelhoop V11 don’t have big harsh noise with touching the ground.

BTW, after raining and the moisture rising in the inner court, the traction performance of Gelhoop V11 will get better. Although it’s white sole, but it’s not very easy to absorb dust.

  1. Good fit and support

Gelhoop V11 is very comfortable. The inner side of Gelhoop V11 is soft. The lining is mainly distributed around the ankle and above shoe tongue. So it can fit the foot well and comfortable.

▼The Vamp material is light

▼The inner padding of shoe tongue is very comfortable

The outer vamp is hot-melting material and mesh, and part of shoe head is made of artificial leather. The weight is also very light, but supporting performance is not bad. The vamp can also fit the foot very well.

▼Part of shoe head is made of artificial leather.

▼It uses several materials

For anti-torsion performance, the outsole of Gelhoop V11 has cambered broad design. The TPU of shoe heel is also extended to rear sole. The stability is good, but anti-torsion performance is not perfect. I think that the weight is too light, so the strength is not very strong.

▼Anti-torsion performance is good

▼The TPU plate of shoe heel is extended to rear sole


The overall performance of Gelhoop V11 is good, but not perfect

Although Gelhoop V11 don’t have big disadvantages, each part has good performance, but all are not good enough.

But I like the retro type appearance. Although the cushion technology has been updated, but it doesn’t have obvious improvement.


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 8.5 Scores

Shoe Tree: Normal

Size:  A little smaller than normal size.

The overall performance Gelhoop V11 is good. You don’t need to worry about it too much. But it also doesn’t have big advantages.

It’s very comfortable. The cushion performance is not perfect. The traction performance is stable. It can satisfy the request of most of peoples.

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Air Jordan 34 Performance Review

I like Air Jordan 34. I worn it to play basketball games about 2 hours on the plastic field. My height is 175cm, and weight is 88kg. I want to share my performance review of Air Jordan 34 to you.

  1. Fit: Air Jordan 34 can fit the foot very well, it won’t press the foot like AJ33 SE. The strength of vamp is also good. The lining on shoe heel is also thick. The half-sole can also lock the foot well.
  2. Cushion Performance: AJ34 cancels the Flightspeed, so the half-sole is a little soft. But the air pressure is enough and it has good flexibility. The cushion performance is enough for my heavy weight. So I think that the cushion of forefoot is good, but I can’t feel the obvious feedback from hexagon ZOOM of rear sole.

Maybe due to my heavy weight and soft ZOOM, the starting speed of Air Jordan 34 is not fast, but not too slow. It’s better than KD9 and KD10. KD9 and KD10 are comfortable, but the starting speed is slow.

For starting speed, AJ33 SE>AJ32≥AJ29>AJ31=AJ34

AJ34 is good enough for defender and frontline who are not heavy weight. As the center of gravity is not high, it’s stable.

  1. For supporting performance and protection, AJ34 has make reinforcement to improve the supporting performance. The strength of Eclipse plate is also good. The green TPU can also offer enough support. AJ34 is stable, so the protection is not a problem.
  2. Weight: Although AJ34 hasn’t reduce the weight too much, but it’s already light enough for me. As it has a big piece of ZOOM Air on the half-sole and hexagon ZOOM on rear sole, and good supporting performance, so the weight is already not heavy for such configuration.
  3. Traction Performance and Abrasive Resistance:

The Abrasive Resistance of AJ34 is good, it’s much better than AJ33 and KD12. You can see below picture for wearing situation.

But the traction performance of AJ34 is not good enough, I slipped for a few times on the outer court, maybe the sole absorbs the dust. I will try on inner wood ground. I can’t give the review for the actual traction performance now. But I think it’s much better than the traction performance of AlphaDunk.


The overall performance of AJ34 is good, but I think that it has some disadvantages. Firstly, the shoelaces of AJ34 is easy to loose. I don’t like the shoe lacing system. And the second one, I’m worried about the durability of vamp.

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Detailed Look and Review:Adidas Harden Vol. 4

Today we want to show you Adidas Harden Vol.4. Let’s have a look at the basic information firstly:

Size: US9

Unit Weight: 410g

Size: A little big, but not bigger than half size


The white shoebox with gold Harden logo and Adidas logo.

The colorway that we want to show you is the black and gold one.

The pink one looks pretty

To be honest, I don’t like it at the first eye, I think that the whole black vamp with golden decoration is too monotonous. But after taking a good look at it, I find that it’s similar to Puma Clyde Court Disrupt which also don’t have nice colorway.

It has some details which can get higher scores.

The shoe head is chamois leather, then the vamp is made of thinner mesh fabric, a big area of elastic fabric, and chamois leather. As it uses several materials, so it can have more different colorways.

The forefoot and shoe heel part use chamois leather. It can fit the foot well. The position of monopodium uses elastic fabric. Actually Harden Vol.3 also uses elastic fabric, but the position is near to instep.

The plastic plate on the outside is different with other Adidas plastic plates. No matter the signature shoes or team shoes of Adidas, the outside stabilizing plate is usually on the outside connects with insole and outsole. But the stabilizing plate of Harden Vol.4 is on the vamp.

We can see the shoe collar is a little narrow, but Harden Vol.4 don’t have the lining. And the shoe heel has the surrounding TPU. The shoes can fit the foot very well.

Comparing with Harden Vol. 3, it uses more material on Harden Vol.4. It’s an improvement.

Harden Vol.4 abandon Boost, but using the new Adidas technology LightStrike.

We can see that the performance of LightStrike of Next Level is good, although it’s not perfect, but it’s not bad. It gives Adidas more confidence to proceed this technology.

The shape of Harden Vol.4 is similar to Mitchell, low front and high rear model. And the forefoot has the subby design to improve the feedback of breaking though. The rear sole is thick, it can increase the cushion performance of rear sole.

If you still remember that I’m unsatisfied at the thin insole of Harden Vol. 3. The cushion performance is bad. If you are heavier weight, then it will be unsuitable for you. So the insole material of Harden Vol.4 is a big improvement.

Except these normal design, the LightStrike on the part of toes make a division for better starting and breaking through. And the insole has upturning design on the middle part to improve the stability and anti-torsion performance.

Although it doesn’t have obvious insole supporting plate, but after trying, I find that the strength is good. It should have the supporting plate on the sole.

The outsole of Harden Vol. 4 doesn’t use the herringbone, but dense grains. It’s made of stiff rubber. The traction performance should be not good.

Overall. Except changing the insole material, Harden Vol. 4 is all-around upgrading comparing with Harden Vol.3. And it will release more colorways in the near future. We’re expecting that Harden Vol. 4 will be the good beginning of further Harden series shoes.

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Adidas D Rose 10 Performance Review

Adidas released Rose 10 in September. I purchased the first released colorway. Derrick Rose is my appreciative player. After going through twice pain, he still could get 50 scores on last sports competition season. I admire his perseverance and indomitable spirit.


Rose 10 looks concisely. The design is similar to Rose 1.5. But it still has its own characteristics on the details. The more you look, the more you like it.

Performance Review:


Bounce Insole

  1. Cushion Performance

It’s comfortable after wearing, it’s not too stiff and not too soft. Rose 10 uses full-length Bounce cushion material which is not so soft as Boost. My weight is not higher than 75kg, so if your weight is lower than mine, the cushion performance of Rose 10 is enough for you. Harden 4 also abandon Boost material, but use Lightstrike. So maybe Boost is not very suitable for basketball shoes.

The rear sole is thick. The cushion performance is good.

  1. Fit

The vamp of Rose 10 is cow leather. It looks good. The fit is not very good. As the forefoot is a little loose. The shoe tree is a little wide, and size is a little big than normal size.

  1. Stability and Protection

Rose 10 is middle type basketball shoes. Although Rose think that it’s low type, but actually the upper is not low. The stability is good. There is a piece of TPU plate on the shoe heel which offer good strength and stability to the shoes. It can lock the ankle and heel very well. The anti-torsion performance of Rose 10 is good. Although the appearance of Adidas shoes is not better than NIKE, but it has good protection.

Good Anti-torsion performance

  1. Outsole and Skid Resistance

The outsole of Rose 10 uses traditional herringbone. The forefoot sole also has concentric circles grain.

The outside of forefoot and rear sole is herringbone

The traction performance of herringbone grain is good. It’s above average. But the sole should be easy to absorb dust, so the skid resistance would decline.

  1. Design Details

We can see the Rose’s signature and some significative numbers on the TPU plate.

The Rose 10 year in Chinese and English on the shoe heel looks cool.

It also embosses Rose 10 YR on the outsole.

The gold Rose logo on the shoe tongue is also good looking.

Overall, the performance of Rose 10 is good, above average. For the size, if you don’t have high instep, you can choose half size smaller.

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Nike AlphaDunk Performance Review

Many people should have see AlphaDunk on World Cup competitions before. Before I purchase AlphaDunk, many guys said that they are unsatisfied at it. Let’s have a look at the performance of AlphaDunk today.

▼The Spain centre forward Marco Gasol has worn AlphDunk on the World Cup


  1. Big new ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot

The most attracting part of AlphaDunk is the opening big ZOOM Air. It’s extending from half sole to tiptoe. The elastic and soft feeling is obvious.

▼The visible big ZOOM Air

But it’s not too soft, the position of forefoot ZOOM is very reasonable. If you like to jump to floor with forefoot firstly, you will like the cushion feedback of AlphaDunk.

Of course, the good forefoot cushion will affect the starting speed.

The rear sole only has foam cushion. The cushion performance is not good. There is a layer of TPU plate around the forefoot ZOOM Air to protect the ZOOM. But some guys react that this layer of TPU plate make them feel uncomfortable when turning or stopping.

▼we can see the size of ZOOM from outsole

  1. Fit and support is good, but not perfect

The vamp of AlphaDunk is similar to the Flyknit of LeBron 16 Battleknit. It’s said that it’s called Air Knit, But the official still call it as Flyknit. But it’s not soft, it’s a little rough. It’s stiffer than Zoom Rize.

▼the vamp is stiff

I thinks that the fit is very good. The Flywire shoelacing holes increase the fit of vamp. But the material is a little stiff. The mid-high design is more suitable for the inside lane players.

▼The Flywire shoelacing holes

The vamp can’t fit the foot 100%, but the supporting performance is not bad. There is a piece of artificial skin on the shoe heel increase the fit. It also has built-in TPU plate. The anti-torsion performance is good. But the high insole increases the height of center of gravity. If you like to turning on topspeed, AlphaDunk should be not suitable to you
▼It has built-in TPU plate on shoeheel

▼Good Anti-torsion Performance 


  1. Traction performance is wired, the abrasive resistance is bad.

AlphaDunk is concentrically ringed crystal outsole. We can see the red forefoot Zoom range from bottom.

The force of friction is strong. But I slipped for a few times when playing basketball.

▼Although it has anti-torsion design, the center of gravity is still unstable.

▼from the official picture, we can see that the inner side of forefoot is more protruding than outer side.

The forefoot ZOOM Air maybe easy to deform when running. So I’m unused to it, so I slipped for a few times.

The crystal outsole of AlphDunk outsole is not wear resistant.
▼bad wear resistance



7.5 Stars

Shoe Tree: Normal

Size: Normal

Some guys don’t think that AlphaDunk is a good pair of basketball shoes. I also think that it needs to improve some parts.

The cushion performance of AlphaDunk forefoot is great. It’s comfortable and elastic. But the cushion performance of rear sole is bad. All technology is only used on forefoot.

The vamp is also good. But I don’t like the outsole. As I slipped for several times when playing basketball games. I think that AlphaDunk maybe only suitable for the guys who don’t like to move too much and only play half of basketball games.

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Adidas Harden Vol. 4 Performance Review

September and October are the exciting times for the NBA fans and sneaker aficionados. The NBA is going to begin the matches, and the signature shoes are released. Adidas released the new signature shoes for Harden—Adidas Harden Vol. 4.


The colorway is black leather vamp with the symbolic Adidas red, blue and white logo decoration.

The Adidas logo on the shoe tongue is also red, white and blue colorway.

The TPU on shoe heel is “DESIGNED WITH JAMES HARDEN”, which means Harden also participate in the design of Adidas Harden Vol. 4.

The shoe-pad, shoe heel and outsole are printed with Harden’s logo.

The outsole “0001.” is James’ mother’s birthday.

The lining of shoe heel is embroidered with “HASSAYAMPA 106 STREET”. It’s said that it’s the address of barber shop that James usually go there for haircut.

Cushion Performance

The biggest selling points of Adidas Harden Vol. 4 is the new insole technology—LightStrike, which has been used on N3XT L3V3L. The main feedback from market is the high cushion performance.

▲Adidas N3XT L3V3L

Now Adidas Harden Vol. 4 give up the BOOST, but using LightStrike to replace it. Many people should be worried the actual performance of LightStrike.

After testing, we think that you don’t need to worry about it. The feedback of LightStrike is faster than Boost, and it’s softer than Boost. The feedback is positive.

Adidas Harden Vol. 4 is very comfortable. The feedback of forefoot is fast, the thickness of forefoot is a little thin, but it doesn’t affect the actual cushion performance.

The feedback of rear sole is also obvious. You can feel the feedback even on walking. So I’m satisfied at the cushion performance of LightStrike.

When playing basketball games, I feel that Adidas Harden Vol. 4 is really comfortable. This kind of insole is very suitable for breaking through. It’s customized for Harden.

The outsole is elastic and soft. It doesn’t use herringbone or concentric stria, but using transformative gridding. The inspiration comes from Harden’s pace. It can offer support to urgently stop.

The Adidas sneakers always have good anti-torsion performance, Adidas Harden Vol. 4 is not exception.

Good Fit

The main material of Adidas Harden Vol. 4 is mesh and leather. The shoe head is covered with leather to increase the stability and fit. Of course, it looks better.

It continues the wide elastic cord design as last generation, but changing the position above instep to make it fit better.

It’s also easy to put on for the guys who have high instep.

But Adidas Harden Vol. 4 also has the same problems as other Harden series shoes. After fastening the shoelaces, the foot are restrained.

The front 3 shoelaces’ holes are on the silver fixing plate. So after fastening the shoelaces, it’s put forward, then the instep will be restrained.

Overall, the performance of Adidas Harden Vol. 4 is great. But we suggest you to try it on physical store to feel its lacing system. After playing a few basketball games, LightStrike insole will make you impressed.

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Adidas Harden BE 3 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of Adidas Harden B/E 3 BATW.

The Harden B/E series always get good feedback in the market. The Harden series have good cost performance. The first feeling when getting it, I think it’s a little too big. The Velcro design which is bonded to the outside of shoe heel let me remind the kids’ sneakers. The appearance of Adidas Harden B/E 3 BATW hasn’t continued the low type design of Harden series. The overall outline looks like a pair of inside lane players’ shoes.

The vamp is jointed with leather and fabric. The synthetic leather shoe head can assure the support and comfort level, and it also looks good. The “Three Stripes” design on the side of vamp let me associate the Adidas Falcon series football shoes.

But the vamp is easy to be draped. The shoe lacing system is hidden under Velcro. And it also has a piece of elastic band to reinforce. With the inner sleeve and outside Velcro design, the shoes can fit the foot very well.

As a pair of mid-range basketball shoes, the insole technology of Adidas Harden B/E 3 BATW is still Bounce. The outsole grain is constituted with big area of multi-directional herringbone to improve the traction performance and turning responsiveness. The outsole design is the insole extending to vamp, which can offer good anti-torsion performance, so we can be more confident when changing the direction and stopping.


  1. The cushion performance is good, but it’s a little stiff comparing with B/E 2. It’s more suitable for the guys who like shooting. If you are inside lane player, you may feel that the cushion is insufficient.
  2. The big area of all-directional herringbone offer excellent traction performance. You can also stop in time on the outer court.
  3. The socks type design with traditional shoelaces, elastic bond and Velcro design offers excellent wrapping performance, the shoe can fit the foot very well. And with the wide outsole, we don’t need to be worried when making any movements.

Purchasing Suggestion: The shoe tree is a little long. It’s bigger about half size than normal size. Due to the complicated shoe lacing system, it’s not good for the guys whose instep is high. It’s better to have a try on physical store before purchasing.

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Nike Kobe AD NXT FF Performance Review

Although Kobe has retired, but the new released KOBE AD NXT FF still attracts many Kobe’s fans. Of course, I also love the cool appearance of KOBE AD NXT FF, let’s have a look at the performance of KOBE AD NXT FF today.
1. Full-length React Cushion
The cushion of Kobe FF close to full-length React. It doesn’t use insole fabric as many other Kobe series shoes. So the foot can touch React directly. I’m surprised that it doesn’t use ZOOM for KOBE FF. But the actual performance of React is great. The React of Kobe FF is not the same one as Hyperdunk 2017 and Superfly 2017, but it’s close to the React of Superfly MVP.
The insole configuration of Kobe FF is very thin. It can keep the good starting speed. The cushion of rear sole is obvious, I can feel the resilience obviously after playing one basketball game.
I think the performance of React is very excellent. You can feel the quick resilience. It’s almost a perfect cushion of defenders’ shoes.
▼The visible big React

2. Great Traction Performance
The outsole of Kobe FF is beautiful snake scale grain crystal outsole. We can see the configuration of insole directly. The traction performance of Kobe FF is great like most of Kobe series shoes. After testing in some different basketball courts, it hasn’t slipped.
▼Great Traction Performance

As we know, the abrasion resistance of crystal outsole is not good. But I think the abrasion resistance of Kobe AD NXT FF is better than Kobe 4 Protro. I suggest you to wear it to play basketball games on the indoor or plastic cement.
▼abrasion resistance is not good

3. Good fit
The biggest characteristic of Kobe AD NXT FF adopts the Fastfit system of Jordan 33. You only need to pull the red hand pull-ring, then the shoelaces can be tightened.
▼Fastfit system

The vamp of Kobe AD NXT FF is mesh fabric material which is similar to cicada’s wings material. It’s very thin and ventilated. It’s comfortable. We can see that the the Fastfit system of Kobe AD NXT FF also connect with Flywire under the thin vamp. It can fit the foot very well.
▼We can see the inner structure from the semi-transparent vamp

The thickness of Kobe AD NXT FF is moderate. The inner side and outer side of shoe heel is added with thicken liner. It also adds to lace up the vamp.

▼The vamp is solid

1. The supporting performance is weak, the anti-torsion performance is also not good enough
The material of Kobe AD NXT FF is good. But the supporting performance and stability is not good enough.
▼The vamp is very thin

▼The outsole is extending to both sides of vamp to strengthen the support

The torsion performance of Kobe AD NXT FF is not good. After playing about 1 hour, my foot is a little hurt.
The outsole of Kobe AD NXT FF is wide enough. It’s no problem for anti-rollover. The TPU on shoe heel is also a little weaken, but it doesn’t make troubles when playing basketball. Overall, the supporting performance of KOBE AD NXT FF is not perfect, but also not very bad.
▼The TPU plate on the shoe heel is not very stiff

Overall: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Shoe Tree: a little narrow
Size: Normal. If your foot is wide type, you may need to choose half size bigger.
KOBE AD NXT FF should be my favorite one of Kobe series after Kobe retired. I love is due to the semi-transparent vamp, good material, comfort feeling and great traction performance.
Although I think that the supporting performance is not enough, but I still love it.