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The Characteristics of Nike Vaporfly 3

NIKE Running serves the runners and the future of running through innovative design, including those who want to take their personal best to a higher level. In the brand-new NIKE Vaporfly 3, NIKE helped the runners to speed up again through constant refinement and improvement.

  • The brand-new Nike Vaporfly 3is a pair of all-purpose running shoes that helps runners conquer all kinds of distance.
  • The kep upgrade is the Vaporfly 3’s lightweight design: smoother transfers, improved stability and increased energy feedback.
  • The new design details includes geometry shape ZoomX insole and Flyknit yarn vamp.

Based on Nike Vaporfly 2, the designers focused on the lightweight design of Vaporfly to meet long-distance runners’ demands for endurance, including smoother transfers, improved stability and increased energy feedback.

The cushion configuration of Nike Vaporfly 3 keeps the same. The full-length carbon fiber plate Flyplate and ZoomX insole gives runners more propulsion. The geometry of insole is rised around the forefoot, and the elastic foam provides a comfortable and stable feeling to the foot.

NIKE Running senior product manager Elliott Heath says, Vaporfly 3 ‘Prototype’ pays tribute to the development process. The feedback from the athletes and daily runners always provide an important reference for our innovative designs.

The color design of the first released Prototype pays tribute to the development of the Nike running team. The pattern in the insole represents the number of Flyknit vamp iterations the team tested (57) and the fitting person’s identification number (20126-23). The representative Nike logo and all-white silhouette pay homage to the Vaporfly, which debuted in a breaking 2 test in 2017.

Nike Vaporfly 3 ‘Prototype’ and more colorways will be released from April.