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Detailed Look and Review: Nike React Element 87

Many guys like Nike React Element 87. I just purchased one. Let’s have a look at its details today.


The shoebox is simple, it’s almost the same shoebox as Air Force 1 that I purchased before.


The colorway lucifer yellow, pink, black and aurora blue looks cool at the first sight. I love this colorway. The price of this colorway is also higher. The aurora blue decoration on the rear outsole make the sole looks good looking. The overall colorway is attractive. It’s easy to catch peoples’ attention.

The yellow shoe head is bright. The front part to the middle part is semi-transparent. It also has 3M material pull-tab on the shoe heel. It is reflective.

The shoe heel is trapezoid. The sole looks stabilized. It also has vertical NIKE logo.

It doesn’t have swoosh logo on the inner side of left shoe. We can see the socks from the semi-transparent vamp. The pink part of the rear vamp is not transparent.

The outside part of right shoe has Swoosh logo. The insole is React.

The shoe head also has Swoosh logo.

The outsole has skidproof round circles which cover the React insole. It looks good and is also useful for improving the traction performance. The shoe heel is a little high, and it’s soft. So it’s easy to be ingulfed inside by the socks.

The shoe tongue is semi-transparent.

The shoe-pad is also soft, and it has ventilated holes.

The React insole is comfortable. Comparing with Ultra Boost Uncaged, the React insole is not so elastic as UB. But the shoe heel is high, the height is about 4cm. The feedback is good. As it’s semi-transparent vamp, the overall weight is light. But it’s only suitable to wear on Spring and Summer. It will be cold on Winter. The disadvantage is, the shoe heel is a little stiff. It will rub the heel if you don’t wear the high thick socks. If the shoe heel is softer, it will be better.