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Nike PG4 Performance Review

PG series shoes are always as popular as Kyrie series shoes in the market. It’s mainly due to the attraction of the spokesman. But this time PG4 has been complained by the net friends before releasing. The appearance is ugly, and the main reason should be due to the old technology-Air Sole.

Let’s talk about the performance of PG4 today.


  1. Comfort full-length Nike AIR

Although it’s said that PG4 has NIKE Air, but you know, it uses the old technology-Air Sole. Jordan 11 also uses full-length Air Sole. So for the cushion configuration, PG4 should be the same as Jordan 11. Of course, it’s just a joke, actually it has the difference.

▼We can see Full Length Nike Air on the rear outsole, and the Air Sole on the insole.

Is Air Sole still useful? Actually, LeBron Witness 3 also uses Air Sole. Although it hasn’t been used in many basketball shoes, but Nike should have some confidence for the Air Sole.

▼The full-length Air Sole is very comfortable.

The elasticity is not good, but it’s soft. The insole is not very thick, so the center of gravity is good.

  1. Excellent Traction Performance

The outsole design of PG4 is similar to PG3. The pattern is similar to meteor crater. It’s said that the outsole pattern of PG4 is followed with the shape of Air Sole. The traction performance s excellent. I haven’t slipped when playing basketball.

▼The outsole pattern of PG4 is similar to PG3.

I haven’t chosen the crystal outsole version, but XDR outsole which is more easy for cleaning and has better durability. The traction performance of PG4 haven’t let me down.

The abrasive resistance of XDR outsole is also good. After playing about 4-5 basketball games, I haven’t found the abrasion of outsole.
▼Good abrasive resistance

  1. Good fitness

PG4 is integrated inner sleeve design and it’s covered with a layer of mesh fabric. The appearance of PG4 looks like jogging shoes or casual shoes. Actually, the covering material is very thick. The padding of shoe tongue and shoe heel is very thick and elastic.

▼Zipper design is impressed

▼We can see the thick shoe tongue

Except the tight vamp material, the distribution of shoelaces holes is intensive. After fastening the shoelaces and pulling the zipper, it can lock the foot very well. The good fitness is mainly due to the material of vamp.

▼the outer layer is mesh fabric


  1. The supporting performance and protection are not good

Although the vamp of PG4 is thick, but the knitted vamp don’t have good supporting performance and protection.

▼The feet are easy to slide in the shoes.

Although the shoe heel has TPU support, but it’s soft and small. Although it doesn’t have big effect, but I think it’s not good. The anti-torsion performance is also not good. But after deconstructing, we find that it has anti-torsion plate. But the effect if not good enough.
▼PG4 has anti-torsion supporting plate

For anti-rollover performance, although the forefoot sole is wide, but as it’s full-length cushion design, so the center of gravity will be a little higher. It should have better anti-rollover design to make it stable.
▼The TPU on shoe heel is not thick enough

  1. The shoe head presses the toes

The material above the toes is also thin, it doesn’t have protecting design to the toes.


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 8.3 scores

Shoe tree: it’s a little narrow

Size: It’s half size smaller than normal size. We suggest you to purchase half size bigger.

In my opinion, PG4 is a simplified version of KD9. It uses full-length cushion, but it’s soft, and it has excellent traction performance and good fitness. But the supporting performance and protection is not good. But the price is cheap, so you can have a try if you like it and if you are the fans of Paul George.

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Deconstructed NIKE PG4

NIKE PG4 is controversial after releasing. The mesh fabric vamp with zipper design looks cheap. Some shoe fans cut the mesh fabric of vamp, it looks more concise. Many guys are doubt about the built-in Air Strobel cushion performance and the stability. Today after deconstructed, let’s check if it has supporting plate, and see the difference of AIR STROBEL with traditional NIKE Air cushion.


Splitting the left shoe from middle

The side section of left shoe. The full-length air cushion looks great

Separating the vamp with insole

Separating the outer layer shoe cover with vamp

It uses big area of hollow-out mesh fabric

The rib strip is reflective material. It can improve the lateral supporting performance. I think if taking away the shoe cover, it looks better. What do you think?

The shoe-pad is printed with AIR STROBEL which is the name of full-length cushion.

The insole fabric under shoe-pad is soft.

It uses full-length AIR STROBEL cushion in the insole. It looks great.

The length of EUR42.5 AIR STROBEL cushion is about 276mm

The width of EUR42.5 AIR STROBEL cushion is about 86.45mm

The thickness of EUR42.5 AIR STROBEL cushion is about 8.04mm

The thickness of EUR42.5 AIR STROBEL cushion on rear sole is about 7.95mm

The arch TPU supporting plate is between insole and outsole, which can improve the overall stability

The length of EUR42.5 TPU supporting plate is about 67.71mm

The width of EUR42.5 TPU supporting plate is about 30.04mm

The thickness of EUR42.5 TPU supporting plate is about 2.78mm

The meteor crater pattern outsole has great traction performance

Under decompression of air cushion, the thickness of forefoot insole and outsole is about 17.96mm

Under decompression of air cushion, the thickness of rear insole and outsole is about 24.96mm, the front and back difference of level is about 7mm.

Let’s compare the NIKE Air cushion of AIR JORDAN 11 with the AIR STROBEL cushion of PG4.



The above one is AJ11,the length of NIKE AIR takes up about ¾,it has space on the shoe head and rear sole

The bottom one is PG4, the AIR STROBEL is full-length.

The overlook of the two kinds of air cushion, the left one is AJ11 and right one is PG4

The pattern of forefoot sole is similar. But the inflating volume of PG4 is obvious more than AJ11.

We can see that there is a round of stitch holes. The AIR STROBEL is seamed with insole fabric and vamp, and it’s fixed in the insole. So it won’t move.

For AJ11, it has forming groove in the insole to put NIKE AIR Cushion. So it will have noise after passing a while.

It has obvious difference for the pattern of rear sole. The shoe heel of AJ11 uses several structures and it’s thicker. You can feel the obvious feedback after wearing. PG4 uses unified structure, so the feedback of shoe heel is not so obviously.

Deconstructed Report

Vamp: The air permeability of vamp is good. Although it uses big area of light ventilated mesh shoe cover, but it has inner sleeve and bilateral support, so the overall supporting performance is good.
Insole: The full-length AIR STROBEL is the biggest advantage of PG4. Although it looks similar as NIKE Air cushion, but it covers the full-length of insole. It’s quite comfortable. It needs time to check the durability.

Overall: After deconstructing, we can see that the inner structure of PG4 has changed a lot comparing with previous PG series shoes. The performance is obviously improved.

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Closed Look and Unboxing: NIKE PG4

Paul George’s signature shoes are well known in the basketball shoes market. The PG signature shoes not only have cool appearance, but also have excellent comfort level and actual performance. After PG4 is released, the appearance is controversial in the market. Let’s have a closed look at it today.



The shoe box is printed with PG’s logo and NIKE SWOOSH logo.

The shoe cover has zipper design. You can choose to pull the zipper or not.

The inner side of vamp uses big area of hollow-out mesh fabric. The actual performance is good.

The reflective material which is hidden under the hollow-out mesh fabric is connected with shoelaces holes.

The outer side of vamp is also added with rib strip type reflective material which improves the lateral supporting performance.

The seam crossing of mesh shoe head uses caulking glue treatment

The outer side of vamp has leather. It’s said that it can improve the anti-rollover performance

The pull-tab of shoe heel is embroidered with PG’s signature.

The integrated vamp fit the foot very well. It’s hard to put on for wide foot.

The outsole of shoe head has embossed the PG’s INS username: Young TRECE

The insole is thick

The outside trim strip of insole is printed with FULL LENGTH NIKE AIR. It’s the new full-length Nike Air cushion.

The inner side of insole is printed with the name abbreviation and birthday of PG’s daughters.

The insole shape looks great. The resilience should be good.

The meteor crater pattern outsole of PG4 is similar to PG3. The traction performance and durability should be great.

We can see the structure of built-in air cushion from the opening window of rear sole

The inside shoe tag

The black shoe-ad is printed with AIR STROBEL and PG’s logo

The reverse side of shoe-pad is splash-ink design

The length of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 272mm. It’s shorter than EUR42.5 of PG3 shoe-pad about 5mm

The thickness of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 7.05mm. It’s thicker than EUR42.5 of PG3 shoe-pad about 1.85mm. That’s why the insole is thicker.

The width of EUR42.5 of PG3 shoe-pad is about 94.46mm. It’s narrower than EUR42.5 of PG3 shoe-pad about 0.79mm. From the size of shoe-pad, we can see that the size of PG4 is shorter.

After taking away the shoe-pad, we can feel the shape of AIR STROBEL, it’s similar to the full-length ZOOM Air cushion of KD12. But the AIR STROBEL cushion of PG4 has a piece of lining cloth.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 is about 391.4g


Although PG4 has a big area of light ventilated mesh fabric, but it has bilateral support in the inner sleeve, so the supporting performance is not bad. But the size of PG4 is smaller than normal size. The foam of shoe heel is too thick, so it’s tight. It’s better to choose half size or one size bigger. You can have a try on the physical store.

The full-length AIR STROBEL is very comfortable. The feedback is obviously. But the shoe-pad is too thick. I have changed it to thinner shoe-pad to reduce the center of gravity.

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Nike Paul George PG4 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the 4th Paul George’s signature shoes—PG4.

At the first look, I don’t think that it’s unworthy to be a pair of signature basketball shoes.


The vamp has zipper, it’s made of knit and mesh fabric. The inner layer of vamp is integrated inner sleeve. And it has the fixed Flywire shoelaces design which is similar with Lillard 6.

The support of vamp is bad. It’s loose.

PG4 also doesn’t have reinforcement and widen design on the insole and outsole.

PG4 doesn’t look like a pair of basketball shoes. It doesn’t have design to be a good pair of basketball shoes.

The vamp is soft, so do the insole and outsole. It doesn’t let me feel safety.

We have deconstructed PG4. So what’s Air Strobel technology?

Actually, Air Strobel is thickened Air Sole cushion. We compare it with the Air Sole cushion of Witness III. The performance is worser than the Air Sole cushion of Witness III.

After 32 years, PG4 still uses the same technology. It’s the 4th Paul George’s signature shoes. I don’t understand why Nike don’t use present new technology.

Why we need to pay the high price for purchasing the basketball shoes with such configuration? If it’s not Paul George’s signature shoes, I think that most of people won’t choose it.