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The Paul George has been release nike PG 1 with new fashion and tech

Since his late-2015 return to the court, Paul George has steadily returned to the form he lost in his injury and proven himself worthy of a signature model as the Pacers fight for a playoff spot. George’s contract was heavily rumored to be moved at the 2017 trade deadline, and speculation remains that he will be suiting up for a new team following his impending free agency 

The Nike Zoom Crusader was George’s favorite basketball shoe until the Nike PG 1. Ironically, Hardman designed the Crusader and the snug, seamless fit is reflected in the Nike PG1 design. who showed Hardman a sketch of his dream shoe during one of their initial meetings.the Nike SB Janoski, inspired materials and construction subtleties of the Nike PG1. Continue reading The Paul George has been release nike PG 1 with new fashion and tech

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Nike PG 1 Shining Proves that Paul George come back

Speaking of Paul George , he was hurt  in the training , but he  has made a late-season push to capture that ever elusive All-NBA honor ,this is a miracle which in everybody mind. Now I believe that the Nike PG 1 is the best basketball shoe they’ve ever played.

So today we got the PG1, the 21st signature line for the brand.

When the first images surfaced after open the box , we saw a very basic, lower-tier shoe in black and white. Nike PG 1 TS PROTOTYPE EP , it is not a bad looking shoe, but not really a signature look.

Nike PG 1 also called ‘SHINING’, ‘TIME TO SHINE ‘, we can see from the box which  print ‘Paul George ’ with creamy-white and blue similar the cloud pattern . The design of box is very meticulously .

PG1 did not use the bright color , but only black and bright swoosh. However it  also popular for attention by passing ,the same as Paul . This shoes is designed by Tony harman and Paul George , George is  a high demand for shoes players, so the shoes also meet a lot of George’s request.


George loved the Nike zoom crusader before and he like the full length bootie .so Nike PG1 just follow the  zoom crusader with full length bootie .

The strip is popular some year ago , and Nike brand  utilized this design in almost his shoes , seems a little of his fans , but Paul have new design for strip which connect with the flywire , this is difference with last version of Nike brand . And also it is improve the  support for forefoot . For material , PG1 feature solid rubber — what I’d recommend over the translucent options — while highlighting the cushion within the midsole by changing the color of the rubber in that particular section.


As one of series pf ‘time to shine’ , Nike PG 1 Ferocity used bright swoosh ,but will be swoosh.

This is one of the best material options we’ve had from Nike Basketball in a long time. The forefoot is free feeling with the open mesh and it’s protected by a layer of fuse in the high wear areas. This is great for players that stay on their toes and do not enjoy breaking in shoes.

And i have to say the upper used nubucks and leathers which construct a sneaker . The overall build feels great .

For support ,The traditional support features are in place and work moderately well but, it’s the shoe’s midsole sculpting that is doing most of the heavy lifting. This midsole cups your foot and it’s something I feel is very beneficial for players,  will feel free and the shoes seems it is a part of your feet

In the left and right of heel ,, there are two strings of numbers, respectively, 5-2-90 and 5-1-15, on behalf of George birthday and daughter’s  one year old birthday, that is  George’s sense of responsibility to the family.

In the left and right of strip ,there are 661 and 317 numbers, respectively, on behalf of the George home phone area code and Indiana.

Shoes grain ,  the official explanation is inspired by the scales of the multi-faceted blade lines, grip is very outstanding. There are two logo on the soles, the first is zoom air, the second is crystal bottom , it is special crystal base, like Bryant 7 generation “invisible man” that can be change the color based on light . The following figure is a comparison of light and low light.

This pair of shoes is the most high light  is the heel number code  66190317 on behalf of the sample ,it is independent code with limited to 12000 pairs, George’s own number code  is 0023,0001 (time to shine publicity map is 0001)

(PS: Nike PG 1 ‘Shining’ is scheduled to release at select Nike Basketball retailers including on February 25th, 2017

This Nike PG 1 comes dressed in a predominate Black color theme which covers the base, midsole, tongue and mid-foot strap. Constructed of leather and mesh, Metallic Silver accents are spotted on the Nike Swoosh and PG branding. Other highlights includes a multicolor translucent Multicolor outsole and hints of 3M on the heel..)