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Closed Look and Unbox: Nike Lebron X

Today I want to share a meaningful pair of shoes to me, that is, Nike Lebron X


The shoebox of Nike Lebron X is very big, it’s pulling type shoebox. It’s all black with LeBron’s logo on the right side. The side tag shows LEBRON X XDR. It means that the outsole of Nike Lebron X uses durable rubber.

Nike Lebron X has many classic colorways

The colorway that I purchased is ‘Canary’

The appearance is very cool.

The vamp made of Fuse material, it has design for air permeability. We can see the Flywire on the inner layer of vamp from the ventilated holes.

I remember that the Flywire of low type LeBron X should be exposed.

It has 9 pairs of shoelaces buckles. The front 7 pairs are dynamic Flywire design. The rear 2 pairs of buckles on the position of upper. You can adjust it by your request

We can see the Canary logo on the inner side of vamp

The shape of Lebron X looks pretty. The shoe tongue has Leborn’s logo

The foam padding on the shoe heel is thick. After fastening the shoelaces, the shoe fit the foot very well.

We can find that there is a piece of stiff TPU between the vamp and insole. It improves the supporting performance.

It didn’t have BOOST, React and the new insole technology at that time. LeBron X is the first pair of shoes which uses full-length ZOOM Max. 

As you know, the LeBron series basketball shoes are nightmare for players who have light weight. But the cushion performance of LeBron X is suitable for many guys, even the defenders.

We can see the fiber and max air column clearly from the visible insole. Although the cushion performance of recent air cushion basketball shoes is excellent, such as KD12, KD13, AJ34 etc., but the actual performance of LeBron X is better than those new shoes.

In my memory, LEBRON X should be favorite basketball shoes for most of NBA defenders in Lebron series basketball shoes.

But this kind of air cushion has a disadvantage. The exposed air cushion is easy to be ripped.

And we can see that there is a thick layer of PHYLON in the insole. So the center of gravity is very high.

The outsole is rhombic grid pattern. And the XDR material is durable.

The outsole is embossed with Leborn’s logo and X mark.

As you know, LEBRON X has Elite version. The biggest upgrade is, the insole of Elite version uses several pieces of carbon plate which upgrade the supporting performance and fitness of vamp.

LEBRON X was released in the end of 2012. It’s expensive for me to purchase it as I was a student then. The most important thing is, Lebron weared LEBRON X and won his second championship of his career. So I always yearned for getting one pair of LEBRON X. Now I’m able to purchase it, I don’t want to miss it anymore.