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Nike LeBron Soldier 11 Performance Review

LeBron James made the biggest block in NBA history and led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history last year . Though James not won the Champion this year ,but as a fan, we will love him as always.
The 11th iteration of the LeBron Soldier – a follow-up to last year’s monumental LeBron Soldier 10 which arguably the most significant sneaker in the Nike LeBron history simply based on the circumstances of the series and what it meant to his already illustrious career.
Now let us close to see the Nike LeBron Soldier XI as below :

The new silhouette also uses a lace-less strap design. An icy translucent midsole is used to complete the shoe.


For the traction , Nike LeBron Soldier XI used the XDR material,I feel it is not durable . It was only bad in one single spot under the ball of the foot. The crystal rubber bottom is beautiful, but it is not easy to keep clean . For whatever reason, when I’d plant in that section while changing direction or curling around a screen I’d slip a bit, causing a delay in my movement, which in turn caused me to second guess even making the same move again.

The special logo swash on the bottom is great .I love it .

The translucent outsole on the Soldier 11 performed well overall. It was just that single spot on the outsole that wasn’t that great.

For supporting : Zoom units used in the Nike LeBron Soldier XI , that is the great did its job well .You can feel a little when you fast- high -jump and fall ,and there is no longer hesitation when you starting .

A torsional V-plate at the midfoot is embedded within the midsole at the midfoot and there is a rubber external heel counter for added support at the heel, The Rollover design also aimed at the key point is to strengthen the lateral foot. all of these are improve the supporting and protection .

The midsole sculpt of the Soldier 11 is much better than that of the Soldier 10. The heel and forefoot areas wrap up onto the foot ensuring you remain on top of the footbed.

For the strap design , this is the special one which improve the supporting . It is locatdown the feet when jump and fall .


However,  for the Fitting . I have to say the wide footer , you’ll want to try the shoe on before buying. Unfortunately, one piece builds are not exactly a one size fits all type of thing. maybe you can  buy over half of size .Nike LeBron Soldier XI build  back, and the shoes are a little hard to get on, but they’re not as difficult as the Soldier 10 — and they fit a bit more securely.So this is the reason that I dont like .

Overall, The Nike LeBron Soldier 11 is a much better shoe than the Soldier 10, Not only the design or setting ,while traction could still use a little bit of work, the cushion is immensely better than the last go-around. Suitable for every position on the  court , that is the reason that most fans follow up. and we are expect the Nike LeBron will be better for the next one .