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NIKE LEBRON 9 Performance Review

Although the comfort level of LEBRON 9 is not better than Jordan Fly Wade 2. But it’s a pair of basketball shoes with excellent performance.


Colorway: Black/Red

Technology: Zoom Air cushion on the forefoot sole, Max180 Air cushion on the rear sole, Carbon fiber TPU plate on the insole, Flywire technology, Hyperfuse, Nike pro combat foam, fibber knitted upper protection…

LEBRON 9 Shoe tongue LOGO

LEBRON 9 Shoe heel LOGO

LEBRON 9 outsole VS LEBRON 8 PS outsole

The inner side of LEBRON 8 PS

The inner side of LEBRON 9.

The vamp is made of Flywire and Hyperfuse technology. We can see the Max180 air cushion on the rear sole. It looks like the same sole as Lebron 8 PS. Most of people would think that the sole of LEBRON 9 is the same as LEBRON 8 PS. But actually it’s not the same sole. The inner side of LEBRON 9 don’t have insole. But the insole of LEBRON 8 PS is extended from rear sole to forefoot sole. The most important thing is, the rear sole of LEBRON 9 has insole but the inner side of forefoot sole doesn’t have insole. This kind of design increases the anti-torsion performance of TPU and the overall stability.

Appearance: ★★★★☆

Weight: The unit weight of LEBRON 9 is 443g. The unit weight of Jordan Fly Wade 2 is 442g, and LEBRON 8 V/1 is 508g. The weight of LEBRON 9 is almost the same as Jordan Fly Wade 2, which is due to the Flywire and Hyperfuse technologies.

Fit, Protection & Stability: ★★★★★

LEBRON 9 has inner sleeve on forefoot, the Flywire and Hyperfuse composite vamp and Nike pro combat foam on the upper. The fitness is great. If your foot is wide type, it’s better to choose one size bigger. I suggest to have a try on the physical store before purchasing it on line.

The shoe head protecting performance of LEBRON 9 is great

Traction performance and feedback:

After abrasing the grain of outsole, the traction performance of LEBRON 9 will be decreased. The feedback of Zoom Air cushion on forefoot sole and Max180 cushion on the rear sole is great. It’s elastic.

Traction performance: ★★★★☆

Feedback: ★★★★★

Cushion Performance & comfort level:

The match of ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole and Max180 Air cushion on rear sole has excellent cushion performance. For the comfort level, LEBRON 9 uses Flywire and Hyperfuse composite vamp, and it has Nike pro combat foam on the upper. It’s comfortable. But due to the design of LEBRON 9 (the forefoot sole is low and the rear sole is higher), so the feet are easy to slide to front.

Cushion Performance ★★★★★ comfort level ★★★★☆

Abrasive Resistance ★★★☆☆

The abrasion of LEBRON 9 forefoot sole

As I used to play on the wood floor, the abrasive resistance of LEBRON 9 is good. But it’s unsuitable to play on the cement court.

Overall, the performance of LEBRON 9 is great. NIKE uses the Flywire and Hyperfuse technologies, and Nike pro combat foam on LEBRON 9. For the performance, there should be no other basketball shoes which can compare with LEBRON 9. But it’s not suitable for long time wearing. It’s a disadvantage of LEBRON 9. But after all, LEBRON 9 is a pair of basketball shoes, not casual shoes.