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NIKE LeBron 7 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of Nike LeBron 7.

Suited Court: Both indoor and outdoor court, it needs to be careful for the indoor court with many dust

Suited Players: the guys who has heavy weight (above 75kg) or LeBron’s fans.


The forefoot position of LeBron 7 is leather. Most of the vamp uses high-strength knitted material.

Except this pair of ‘red-carpet’ colorway, the other colorways of LeBron 7’s vamp use Flywire design.

The fit of LeBron 7 is good, especially the leather part of forefoot. But the shoe head don’t have the extra protecting design, if you care about it, it’s not suitable for you.

The support of knitted material is not better than Flywire. But it’s still not bad.

The fit and support of this pair of LeBron 7 is similar to HD17.

The shoe heel can be fixed well. The counter on the shoe heel is stiff. And it has an extra built-in padding above the counter. It improves the comfort level and fit.

Meanwhile, it also has a triangle leather padding to fixed the foot.

It can be said that the vamp should be the only excellent part of LeBron 7.


The insole of LeBron 7 uses Cushlon and full-length Max Air 360 cushion.

As you know, the Max Air Cushion has high cushion performance, it’s very suitable for the guys who have heavy weight.

So it’s a little stiff for me, as my weight is 75kg, not heavy enough.

I asked one of my friends whose weight is 80kg to try it. When pressing the rear sole, we can see the obvious deformation. But I can’t press it.

The air pressure of air cushion is low. So the feedback is not obvious. It’s not soft and elastic enough.

The center of gravity is a little high. Although the outsole made a curled-up design, but the start speed is not fast.


The traction performance of LeBron 7 is not good. I slipped a few times on the court with heavy dust.

The material of outsole is a little stiff. The grain is also not serried. So LeBron 7 is more suitable to play basketball on the outdoor court.

The biggest risk of LeBron 7 is the anti-rollover performance.

The anti-rollover performance of LeBron 7 should be the worst one that we tested recently.

It doesn’t have any extending design of outsole. The center of gravity is also high.

The anti-torsion performance of LeBron 7 is great. Due to the full-length Max Air 360 Cushion, you can’t bend it. The strength can be compared with Air Force Max.


Fit: 8 scores

Vamp Support: 7 scores

Feedback of forefoot sole: 6 scores

Cushion Performance of Rear Sole: 8.5 scores

Anti-torsion Performance: 9 scores

Anti-rollover Performance: 5 scores

Traction Performance: 7 scores

Overall Protection: 7 scores

Overall Support: 8 scores

Overall Stability: 7 scores

Total: 72.5 scores

As a pair of retro classic basketball shoes, I think most of the guys will compare LeBron 7 with Zoom Kobe 4 Protro.

For the actual performance, LeBron 7 can’t be compared with Zoom Kobe 4 Protro. As the performance of LeBron 7 is not good and the suited players are not much.

But as it’s a pair of signature shoes, it’s designed according to LeBron. And the playing way of LeBron is special, not suitable for the normal basketball players.

As I’m LeBron’s fans for more than 13 years, it’s not a pair of basketball shoes for me. It’s to remembrance the past.

Although it’s unsuitable to me, but I still want it. I prefer to the Christmas colorway. If you have any comments, welcome to share with us. Thank u.