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Nike LeBron 3 “Christ The King” Performance Review

As a basketball fans, we will always think the New York City,New York always gets the newest shoe ,whatever the show or conference. A few days ago, LeBron 3 Christ The King (CTK) was released . I was lucky to get a pair of size  7 .

We will check it today.

For the box ,it is normal nothing special ,the Nike logo with the red color box.


Made for Christ the King High School in Queens, New York, the “CTK” LeBron 3 surfaced in 2006 and was only given to players, friends and family. And now we  this one will be released this year. The details as the same with last model.


For the color way , Nike chose the “Christ The King” PE colorway of the signature shoe – a regal mix of white, gold, and wine red that perfectly matches the 2000s-era Cavaliers uniforms.

And the special LOGO of the Roman numeral 3 , it is mean the LeBron 3 .So that is will be cool.

For the material : The Christ The King is different last model,The CTK used the leather with suede material together.The upper doesn’t want to stay in place during lacing as it always tries to return back to original its form.However the CTK leather material will be easy to scratch, and the material is really stiff.

We can see the details as the pictures.

The word “CTK” in the inside of the toe. CTK is a basketball based pre school located in New York.


For the lace system, it is just the same the 2006 version . the lace can be easy too adjustment.And after getting a decent lace up and adding an extra insole, overall fit is good with no heel slip or movement side to side.

For the cushioning :

CTK used the  Zoom cushioning again ,that is nice . Nike often used the zoom material ,so this one will be the best setting for the basketball.The Lebron III set up is awesome. You can feel the Zoom in the heel and forefoot . It’s firm when it needs to be and plush and responsive is nice too.

We can see the a carbon fiber shank. that is amazing , I never seem the price with this setting ,that is great.

For the traction :

The traction just work well.The rubber just used the stiff rubber tools If you play in the wetting and outside of court, that is not great, you will getting slip anyway. It doesn’t flex very much anywhere (see fit). If an updated version of these are ever made, maybe the the material reason.


For the supporting : The heel counter is actually pretty well, the material is a little stiff, so we can got some supporting from the heel  part.But compare with the Jordan shoes ,I don’t think it is better than the  Jordan shoes, the supporting just enough, Because of the stiff, thick, and squeaky upper materials, along with a very flat outsole provide very good support and stability.





The Nike logo as usually , it is look great.I went with my normal size 10 and these fit fine length and width wise but not so well height wise.

Overall,Nike LeBron 3 “Christ The King”   overall fit, and nice cushioning system ,also the great supporting , though the  traction just so so, but this one is returning , we will be looking forward this one .