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Nike LeBron 17 XVII Low Performance Review

Many guys want to see the performance review of NIKE LeBron 17. I’m also interested in it. The Nike LeBron XVII Low ‘Tune Squad’colorway attracts me.

The Swoosh logo of LeBron 17 Low ‘Tune Squad’ is grey plush. It’s cute. The white vamp is decorated with blue and red. I love this colorway and the appearance. Let’s have a look at its performance.


  1. Insole: Max Air + React

For the configuration of insole, the biggest difference of LeBron 17 and LeBron 17 Low is the forefoot sole. LeBron 17 Low uses React to replace Zoom Pods. It seems that it’s downgraded, but I prefer to React than ZOOM Pods.

The rear sole of LeBron 17 Low still uses Max Air. Although it hasn’t described in the official website, but as information that I found, it should be Air Max 270. This kind of configuration should not be suitable to everyone, but it’s cost effective.

▼the thick Max Air

For the actual performance, it needs time to break-in the air cushion. My weight is around 70kg-75kg. The thickness of React is moderated, it’s not too soft, it’s suitable for me.

▼The React cushion on forefoot sole

For the cushion performance of rear sole, I think that the actual performance of LeBron 17 Low Max Air is similar to Nike Shox. It can offer fast feedback, but it’s not very comfortable. But it’s more stable than Nike Shox.

The center of gravity is a little high. When running in crosswise or turning, it’s not very stable. If you like changing directions in fast speed, I’m afraid that LeBron 17 Low is unsuitable to you.

  1. Great Traction Performance, but the abrasive resistance is not good.

The outsole pattern of LeBron 17 Low is slant lines. The forefoot sole of Tune Squad colorway is rubber, and the shoe heel is crystal sole. It may use different material of outsole according to different colorways. I haven’t slipped on the indoor wood floor court. It offers great traction performance most of times, I’m satisfied at it.

▼good looking outsole pattern, great traction performance

But the abrasive resistance of LeBron 17 is bad. We have seen the visible abrasion after playing the first basketball games. And the outsole is easy to absorb dust.

  1. Good fitness and supporting performance

LeBron 17 Low is integrated inner sleeve design. The material is mesh fabric and artificial leather. The shoe tree is a little narrow. It’s hard to put on. It fits the foot very well even I haven’t fastened the shoelaces. But it will effect the air permeability. It’s stuffy.
▼Material: mesh fabric and artificial leather

The complicated shoelaces design waste time to fasten.

It has a layer of conspicuous TPU support around the insole.

Although it doesn’t have conspicuous reinforced design on the shoe head, but it has a layer of leather on it, and the mesh fabric is thick. It won’t press the toes like PG4.

For anti-rollover performance, it doesn’t have obvious and effective design for anti-rollover. And the center of gravity is a little high. So if you have high request for the anti-rollover performance, LeBron 17 Low can’t satisfy your request.

▼it only has a little anti-rollover design on the sole


  1. The shoe heel is easy to loosen

After fastening the shoelaces tightly, the shoe heel is still easy to loosen

  1. It’s hard to fasten the shoelaces

As I mentioned, the shoelaces design of LeBron 17 Low is complicated. Although the design of shoelaces looks good, but it takes times to fasten the shoelaces. The holes of shoelaces are useless.


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 8.5 stars

Shoe Tree: a little narrow

Size: a little small, we suggest to choose half size bigger. I normally wear EUR43/US9, but I need to choose EUR44/US10 for LeBron 17.

Although the price of LeBron series is high, but the material is good, it’s cost-effective.
I love the React cushion performance of LeBron 17 Low. It’s suitable for normal people. The appearance is cool and traction performance is great. LeBron 17 Low is more suitable for the internal line players who like to wear low type shoes.

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NIKE LeBron 17 Performance Review

Today we want to share the performance review of Nike LeBron 17 that may people are expected for a long time. Below is the scores that we make after testing:

Fit: 8 scores

Vamp Support: 8 scores

Feedback of forefoot:10 scores

Cushion Performance of Rear Sole: 10 scores

Anti-torsion Performance: 7.5 scores

Traction Performance: 7.5 scores

Support: 8 scores

Stability: 9 scores

Overall: 86 scores

Suited Field: it’s suitable for both of inner and out court. It needs to be careful if the inner court

Suited Players: 75kg-120kg, inside lane players, heavy weight defenders and frontline, and if you have strong ankle strength

Suited Playing way: breaking through and shooting. but if you like turning, you need to be careful.

Abrasive Resistance: High

Air Permeability: Low

Cost Performance: Good

Comfort Level: High

This time the vamp of LeBron 17 doesn’t use Battleknit again, it uses the new Knit Posite. The toes won’t be pressed like LeBron 16.

The ductility of Knit Posite vamp is better. The Battleknit is too stiff.

The disadvantage of improving the comfort level, the supporting performance will be reduced accordingly. Due to the design of forefoot sole, the vamp hasn’t been covered in plylon, so the vamp will be easy to be detached with outsole when urgent stopping or turning. It’s similar to Alphadunk, but it’s not serious as Alphadunk. The overall supporting performace is not good.

Comparing with LeBron 16, the comfort level of LeBron 17 is better, but the supporting performance is worse.

But there is a small problem, the shoelaces are hard to fasten.

I’m satisfied at the insole.

Although I like James for 13 years, my first pair of LeBron shoes is LeBron 13 Elite, and I also have LeBron 14/15/16, the insole of LeBron shoes are really stiff.

But the insole of LeBron 17 is softer. I can feel the feedback obviously from the two separated ZOOM Air of forefoot sole after wearing. But the center of gravity is high, so it’s not so suitable to the defenders who don’t have heavy weight. As the feedback of forefoot is too strong, so it’s easy to be ache after wearing a long time.

The Max 270 CUSHION of rear sole’s air pressure is low, after pressing, we can see the obvious deformation. So the cushion performance is similar to Air Force Max.

My feeling for the insole of LeBron 17 is, forefoot sole is elastic and the rear sole is stable. But it’s comfortable.

The biggest problem is, the air cushion of rear sole has the risk to explode.

Let’s have a look at the outsole. The abrasive resistance of LeBron 17 is great. It’s very cost effective. But there is a small problem, I slipped for a few times when playing in the indoor court with dust. But you don’t need to worry when playing in outdoor court and clean indoor court.

Although the center of gravity is still high, but the anti-torsion performance is good, it has reduced the center of gravity comparing with LeBron 16.

The  anti-torsion design is not big, if extending area is bigger, the stability will be improved.

Let’s compare LeBron 17 with Air Jordan 34.

The appearance of Air Jordan 34 is better than LeBron 17

LeBron 17 is more suitable for the players with heavy weight, and AJ34 is more suitable to flexible frontline and defenders

AJ34 is a pair of creative shoes, and LeBron 17 is a pair of improved upgraded shoes.

Overall, the overall performance of LeBron 17 is above average. Although the appearance is not so good looking, but the colorway is nice.

So, will you choose LeBron 17?