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NIKE Lebron 16 Fresh Bred Performance Review

Tester’s Information:

Height: 188cm, Weight: 68-70kg

Testing Time: more than 7 basketball games

Court: Outdoor cement court

Traction Performance: 10 scores

The outsole is herringbone pattern. As you know, the traction performance of herringbone outsole is great.

Durability:8 scores

The rubber of outsole is stiff. And the pattern is deep. It’s suitable for playing basketball on outdoor court.

Cushion Performance: 10 scores

The insole of Lebron 16 is the same as Lebron 15. The Articulated ZOOM Air is very thick. The cushion performance is excellent, it’s suitable for the guys whose weight is heavy.

Fitness: 9 scores
The shoelaces’ holes of Lebron 16 can’t be changed. It takes me much times to change the shoelaces’ holes to make the shoes fit to my feet. It’s said that LeBron 16 low version has improved these problems. It also has counter on the shoe heel, so it is not easy to loosen.

Supporting Performance:9 scores

Lebron 16 has been improved comparing with Lebron 15. The vamp materials have been reinforced a lot.  The outsole of forefoot has upturning design to improve the support.
Anti-rollover Performance:7.5 scores

Why didn’t Lebron 15 have the outriggers?The outriggers of Lebron 16 make up the disadvantages of Lebron 15. With the good supporting performance of vamp and outriggers, Lebron 16 has good anti-rollover performance. But the center of gravity is a little high. If you need to turn flexible, and if your ankle is weak, it’s better to choose other basketball shoes.

Anti-torsion Performance: 7 scores

The supporting plate of LeBron 16 is a little soft, and it doesn’t have upturning design, so anti-torsion performance is not good enough.

Air Permeability: 4 scores
If you have tried it, you will know that the air permeability of Lebron 16 is similar to leather vamp. It has put too many TPU lines on the knitted vamp. So the air permeability is bad.

Weight: 7 scores

Unit weight is 583g. It’s a little heavy. As you know, the Zoom Air is thick, if you want excellent cushion performance, it needs to satisfy the weight.

Design: 9 scores

Although the appearance of Lebron 16 is not so cool as Lebron 15, but the performance is much better than Lebron 15. I love it.

Overall:80.5 scores

Although I haven’t offered high scores to Lebron 16, but the appearance of Lebron 16 is good looking and I love this colorway. The overall performance is good, it doesn’t have big disadvantages. If you are fans of Lebron, you can have a try.

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Nike LeBron 16 , Is It Breakthrough ?

Finally,  Nike released LeBron 16 recently.This is the release of Soldier 15, Nike Air Zoom Generation, Nike Soldier 1 , LeBron Icon, LeBron 3 this year, after the 10th and Witness 2, the seventh pair (excluding color) released by James Endorsement shoes . Of course, it is also the 16th double signature shoe of the  GOAT. Petrie’s been by LeBron’s side through everything from “The Decision” to his return to Cleveland to his latest decision to leave Cleveland again. Petrie has witnessed LeBron mature not only as a basketball player, but also as a person.

So what is new difference or upgrade for this shoe ?

We will check it today .


The LeBron 16 used  a Zoom Max air cushion which thicker than the previous model LeBron 15 , plus a shoe-reinforced Battleknit 2.0. it is the most lightweight material. In addition, the new air-cushion shoe and the lower uppers  has become a new model of signs. Therefore, although I haven’t gotten on the foot, I just visually tested the configuration feelings of these shoes. As a more experienced combat writer, I can tell you that this signature shoes is still  “Basketball Technology Crystal” of Nike.The highest configuration that can be prepared for a pair of front shoes.

LeBron himself boasted “Wow, awesome! This may be my favorite version of LeBron shoes! Look forward to it!”but now there are new color way released again. so we will looking forward it .


For 15 years, LeBron James has been one of the NBA’s most dominant players, and his athleticism, unrelenting professionalism and maturity have made him stand out among contemporary athletes. so he becomes his long-term partner. Nike designer Jason Petrie has a difficult problem: in addition to the basketball shoes that provide enough balance support for the 4th MVP, he also needs to show him more colorful this year.



In fact, BattleKnit 2.0 has experienced more than once design development, which makes Nike “the most tough woven upper” so far, and from the look, you can adjust the height of the tongue separately by LeBron 16 design. And the leather tongue will also come with Flywire straps. This can be said to be a very scientific and rigorous design.

As the Petrie said. “He can tell me this sucks or we can give him an idea or challenge him.” and he said “Now that we have been working together for so long we can talk pretty freely,”That is a true.


The shoe upper Battleknit 2.0 technology, the fabric strength is further enhanced, especially for the lateral impact.And the midsole is upgraded with Max Air Suspension Technology, which has been inherited from the 15th generation.Also outsole outrigger design provides more support.
The first LeBron 16 ‘1 THRU 5’ will be available in designated retail outlets in Greater China in mid-September.



At this stage in LeBron’s career, he’s still pushing the design team to uncharted waters as well. In this current political climate, using sneakers to also make a statement is something Petrie and LeBron are exploring and want to do more of. A game-worn pair of the LeBron 15 “Equality” is now sitting in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture.



Nike Basketball is looking to the future as this release acts as a mosaic of the first five colorways of the shoe. “Fresh Bred” (the black/red), King, “SFG”, “20-20”, and “I Promise” all play a role in the composition of this audacious colorway, all while emphasizing the notion of LeBron James playing all five positions on the court.

Nike and Petrie will certainly have a lot of opportunities to do that this NBA season as the league opened up its rules regarding sneaker colorways. Upcoming colorways and makeups of the LeBron 16 between fall and Christmas will center around key touchpoints in LeBron’s life and career.


Jason Petrie said: “LeBron James loves the cushioning system on the last year’s shoes, so this year we are committed to making it better. In addition, we have removed the connection between the forefoot and the air cushion and replaced it. It is a bracket structure that reduces the weight of the shoe and provides extra support.”



The color schemes that will be released later are “Triple Black” and the “HFR” high-end design color that is rumored to be only available in female sizes (the male code on StockX, don’t ask me where I came from, I don’t know).


Overall, Although the whole shoe looks very similar to the LeBon 15  , the LeBron 16 has a more substantial improvement based on the previous generation (this is called the Elite version a few years ago). More scientific and practical design and more high-end luxury and connotative design will indeed make people have a desire to buy. If you are a James fan,this LeBron16 will definitely be a good option.