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Nike LeBron 15 ‘Ghost’ Performance Reviews

For New York Fashion Week, LeBron James just unveiled  the Nike LeBron 15 ‘Ghost’.

How about the  Lebron15 ?

A lot of  people are asking whether Lebron15 is worth to buy ? The answer is definitely  yes . Lebron15 must be one of the most comfortable sneakers available so far.

This Nike LeBron 15 comes dressed in a String, Vachetta Tan and Sail color combination. it is seems a shine under the sun。

So there is new design for 15 Lebron.

1, It followed the design of 14 Lebron.
2,It followed the design of PULL TAB
3, The traction was followed the last version
3,It used the SWOOSH LOGO which have more three-dimensional

For the traction , Finishing the look is an icy translucent outsole. because of the bottom line ,the grip is great .

for the box, it nothing special .

Compare with the 14 LEBRON, there are some different as below :

For the supporting , compare with the 14 version , 15 Lebron great then 14 one .many people will like it on the court .

For cushioning , new signature shoe will feature BattleKnit across the uppers and BattleMax cushioning.Actually it excellent for the update of the cushioning . the supporting of the midsole is enough, even when we jump and down ,and running .

String is seen across the base while Vachetta Tan lands on the tongue an heel. it is the most different compare with the 14 Lebron . and 15 Lebron abandon the strap ,but it improve the lace system.

For the material , the material of vamp is great , the new design and new shape of vamp. this is the first try in the Lebron sneakers, the ventilation is better .

overall , the great cushioning  and  new design of materail  are amazing ,will you support the new 15 Lebron ?