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NIKE LeBorn Soldier 12 Performance Review

I just purchased a pair of NIKE LeBorn Soldier 12 recently. I want to share my review for the performance of NIKE LeBorn Soldier 12 today.

  1. Fit:8 scores

The shoe head is made of leather, and the vamp is covered with crossed strap, the shoes can fit foot very well. Although it looks like mid-high type, but actually the ankle part is very soft. So it can’t protect the ankle very well.

Comparing with traditional shoe laces, if you want to fasten the shoes very tight, you need to pull the strap, so the buckle of strap may be easy to broken. So I haven’t fasten it too tight.

I have a little knack for fastening the crossed lace up. Firstly, the outer strap is passed into the adhesive, and then the inner strap is inserted into the inner buckle. Thus, at the intersection of the vamp, the inner straps with the buckles are pressed against the outer straps, and the straps are adhered to lower position. The strap won’t be easy to loose at this way.

  1. Stability: 7 scores

The insole TPU and shoe heel TPU has good strength. The stability level is above average. But as the ZOOM Air is put on the bottom layer of insole, so it’s easy to waggle. And the vamp is soft, so it will lose some stability on the vamp. So I only give 7 scores for the stability.

  1. Cushion Performance: 7 scores

NIKE LeBorn Solider 12 uses fan shaped ZOOM air on forefoot and U-shaped Zoom Air on rear sole. I can feel the feedback from forefoot ZOOM obviously. The starting speed is fast. But I can’t feel the resilience of the ZOOM on rear sole. The cushion performance of rear sole is really worse.

  1. Traction Performance: 8 scores on plastic court, 10 scores on cement court

The grain of outsole is deep. So the traction performance is excellent. It can grip the ground well.

  1. Abrasive Resistance: 5 scores

I purchase LeBorn Soldier series is for outer court. But the version that I purchased is without XDR. You can see the picture of rear sole after ten times basketball games. The abrasive resistance is worse. I suggest you to purchase the outsole with XDR for better durability.

Overall, LeBorn Soldier is suitable for high strength basketball games. It’s suitable for front line and medium weight players. The comfort level, flexibility and stability is the middle average. If you are heavy weight, it’s better to choose the shoes which can protect the ankle better.