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Nike Kyrie Flytrap Performance Review

Nike released one less expensive to rep the Boston star thanks to his new shoe, the Nike Kyrie Flytrap.Also it is one of the Kyrie Irving’s signature shoe, and it is just like the Kyrie 4 , but the price will be lower , I mean all of design are like the Nike Kyrie 4.

We will check it out  today.

The Flytrap name itself is a nod to his homeland of Australia, where the Venus Flytrap plant is prevalent . It’s evident that Nike has some big plans for this shoe.


On the upper material, KYRIE FLYTRAP adopts a cheap thin mesh build . The toe cap portion is added with a heat welded  fuse which more protection. The black  instep adds a nylon elastic strap to increase the fit between the upper and the instep, also we can see the logo of Irving .Also  the heel have a number  corresponds to his jersey one.

The material is pretty lightweight at just 11.6 oz, but the strength of the material isn’t compromised too much being that a woven tends to tighten up when more force is applied.




The bottom design followed  KYRIE 4, it is look similarity with the Kyrie 4. The forefoot section has the same crack design as the KYRIE 4  The rubbing pattern is also  followed the KYRIE 4, , but the composite V-shaped arrangement is slightly different.

KYRIE FLYTRAP only uses a hexagonal zoom air cushion in the forefoot. The air cushion is placed at the forefoot force point, which brings more feedback on the start.We can check the specific performance as below :


Wrapping and Supporting :

First of all, let’s take a look at the  wrapping  and support of FLYTRAP, because this pair of Flytrap adopts a thinner upper than the Kyrie 4 ,maybe the price reason , and the warrping and support are slightly down in comparison with the Kyrie 4 . The kind of thick feeling,  I can feel not enough for the supporting ,especial when doing some fast move , the toe is more obvious under external force.


For the wrapping just nice. The tongue and the collar are also close to the foot when the sneaker is changing direction. The overall feeling space of the forefoot is similar to that of KYRIE4. The space is large, and the foot and the wrapping are tightly locked, so that the feet in freedom and stability .


After reducing the redesigned upper, the FLYTRAP also has a reduced weight,because of used the lightweight material. The single shoe weighs 350g, compare with other shoes ,like the Jordan and so on , it is lighter . It has excellent weight control in the middle and low sneakers, taking into account the half-hand boot.Then the  tongue design  will be innovation ,  tongue is slightly weaker than the traditional tongue, and the adjustable ability of the shoelace is lower than that of the traditional tongue.




Cushioing :

The cushion in the Nike Kyrie Flytrap is similarity with the Kyrie 4 . Well, not quite Curry level minimal, but for a Nike budget model, the Phylon and small Hex Zoom Air are about all you can expect nowadays.

A smaller hexagonal ZOOM AIR provides feedback  when playing on the court. The overall material is lightweight, which is not suitable for the needs of large-weight guys. For the lighter with the speed is fast , this one is the best choice .





The traction is nice  is similar looking to that of the Nike Kyrie 4. The main difference is the way the pattern is implemented in each model, and it was done more aggressively in the Kyrie 4 than in the Flytrap.The zigzag friction pattern of  traction allows us to felt a feedback in all areas,that is  enough .The grip performance is also the basis of complex  and lighter guys



For anti-torsion part,  we just said that although the thinner FLYTRAP upper is lightweight , the stable midsole structure makes it very resistant to mid-base deformation, even if the positioning of the mid-end does not affect the actual performance, The built-in TPU support bar ensures the overall rigidity of the sneaker. You can directly feel the feedback of the ground force when wearing it. It will not increase the risk of injury due to the deformation of the midsole due to the uncertainty of the landing angle.While the pattern on the Flytrap is flat, it wasn’t half bad depending on the court you played on.




Overall, I loved the Cushlon midsole and heel Zoom Air setup on the shoe much more than the basic setup found here. The Nike Kyrie Flytrap was a solid performance model on-court. It doesn’t quite offer the fit that I prefer in the forefoot so for that reason I’d rather lace up the Kyrie 4 , but this one price is lower , and all of the performance is nice too .