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Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

As present the only pair of Nike signatures shoes for defenders, it isn’t shortage of gimmicks and hype for the design and production of Kyrie series shoes. Kyrie 6 has the upgraded ZOOM Turbo air cushion on the forefoot sole. And it adds the Velcro design as many guys complaint that it’s hard to put on and take off Kyrie 5. Now the price of Kyrie 6 is reduced a lot. I want to share the performance review of Kyrie 6 with you after testing. But to be honest, the result is, Kyrie 6 is unsuitable to me.

Height/Weight: 190cm/79kg

Size: US11/EUR45

Position: Small forward

Court: Outdoor synthetic court

Material: knitted vamp, foam padding, rubber outsole, Phylon insole, Zoom Turbo air cushion on forefoot sole


The shoe heel of Kyrie 6 is leather material. So the shoe heel can fit the foot very well. The position of Velcro is good. It’s worthy to mention that the forefoot sole is narrow, it’s very tight for me. But the size is normal size.

Traction Performance:

The traction performance of Kyrie 6 is great. But it has risk to slide when speeding up and turning. But it doesn’t mean that the traction performance of Kyrie 6 is bad, I have high request to the traction performance, Hyperdunk 2017 and Hyperdunk X get good feedback in the market for the traction performance, but I also slide when testing.

Cushion Performance:

The feedback of ZOOM Turbo on forefoot sole is great. The rear sole uses common foam material. But it has been adjusted very well. I think that it doesn’t need much feedback from rear sole. The suspension of Phylon on rear sole is great. It’s better than ZOOM. As I have fasciitis, my knees were hurt for two days after testing.

Whatever the design of shoelaces or Velcro, the fitness of Kyrie 6 is excellent. The shoe tree is a little narrow. And the strength of vamp is good. So the feet are locked well. But the disadvantage is, it’s tight for me. It’s better to have a try on physical store before purchasing on line.


The supporting performance of Kyrie 6 is perfect. Even if the center of gravity is a little high, but the anti-rollover design of forefoot is good, and the strength of vamp is good, so it’s stable.

Abrasive Resistance:

After playing some basketball games on the cement court, it doesn’t have obvious abrasion on the outsole. As the grain of outsole is deep, and the durability of stiff rubber is good.

Air Permeability:

The shoe heel of Kyrie 6 is not ventilated. Although the material of forefoot vamp is thin, but the air permeability is not good. It’s just better than Hyperdunk X, and Jumpman Diamond, but worse than PG 3, PG 4 or KD 12.


The cushion performance, supporting performance, traction performance and fitness of Kyrie 6 is good on static state. Maybe due to my playing way, it’s unsuitable for me. But it also means that Kyrie 6 is not suitable for everyone. It should be more suitable for flexible skillful players.

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Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

NIKE Kyrie 6 uses the same buckle fastener design as Kyrie 5. I didn’t want to talk the performance of Kyrie 6. But Kyrie series are popular in the market. Many guys want to see the actual performance of Kyrie 6.

I always haven’t offered high scores to Kyrie series basketball shoes, especially Kyrie 2 and Kyrie 5. Let’s have a look at Kyrie 6.


  1. Great ZOOM Turbo

The configuration of Kyrie 5 & Kyrie 6 uses ZOOM Turbo on forefoot sole. I can feel the excellent cushion performance of ZOOM Turbo. If you used to fall down on the ground by forefoot firstly, you will love it.

The starting speed also won’t be affected by the excellent cushion performance of forefoot sole. Although it should only have foam on the rear sole, but it’s not stiff and has basic cushion performance. The most important thing is, I feel the center of gravity is good.

  1. Excellent Traction Performance

The outsole design of Kyrie 6 is great. It has the landmark eye pattern of Kyrie series basketball shoes. And the outsole is also extending to insole. If you like turning or changing the directions, it will grip the ground very well.

▼The outsole pattern looks great

The outsole performance is excellent. It doesn’t need times to break-in like Kyrie 5. I haven’t slipped not matter on side direction or forward and back up. You don’t need to worry about the traction performance of Kyrie 6.

▼with the upturning grains, the lateral traction performance is great

The black and white colorway Kyrie 6 is XDR outsole. It doesn’t have much abrasion after testing. But I mainly played basketball on indoor court. But may guys like to play basketball on outdoor court when wearing Kyrie series basketball shoes. So my personal experience is just for your reference. I’m very satisfied at the traction performance of Kyrie 6.

  1. Good fitness and supporting performance

The front part of vamp is mesh fabric and the rear part is artificial leather. I love the combination of mesh fabric and leather. The mesh fabric has good air permeability and the leather has good supporting performance.

We can see the obvious buckle fastener design of Kyrie series basketball shoes. It improve the fitness. It’s more useful than the Dionaea muscipula design.

The shoe tree of Kyrie 6 is wide. The performance of Kyrie 4 is great, but it will press the toes sometimes. But the shoe tree of Kyrie 6 is widened than Kyrie 4.

The middle type can protect the ankle. The thick artificial leather can fit the foot very well and it can offer good supporting performance.

It has thick TPU on the shoe heel as support.

The anti-rollover performance is great. The upturning outsole pattern can increase the force of friction. The forefoot sole is wide. So it’s stable. It has rubber material on the part close to toes. Although it’s not big, but the material is stiff. So I think that the supporting performance and protection of Kyrie 6 is good.


Kyrie 6 doesn’t have obvious advantages. I’m satisfied at the overall performance of Kyrie 6. But as it described on the official website, it’s unsuitable to wear protective clothing like ankle guard. So it’s a disadvantage.


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 9.3 scores

Shoe tree: a little narrow

Size: normal size like other Kyrie series basketball shoes.  I normally wear EUR43 for NIKE/ADIDAS shoes, but I need to choose EUR44 for Kyrie series shoes.

Frankly, I thought that I won’t give high scores to Kyrie series shoes. As the previous Kyrie series shoes are wide for me. And it needs to play about 2 basketball games for breaking-in Kyrie 5.

It’s glad that Kyrie 6 doesn’t have these problems, it’s improved a lot comparing with previous series. I think that the overall performance of Kyrie 6 is great. It’s suitable for most of players. It’s worthy to have a try.

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Nike Kyrie 6 VS Kyrie 5 Performance Review

You should have seen many players who wear Kyrie series basketball on the court.

It’s very popular. We’re also expecting the performance of Kyrie 6. What about the performance of Kyrie 6? Let’s have a look at it today.

Tester: 175cm, 60kg, US10=ERU44

The vamp material of shoe heel, upper, forefoot, shoe tongue and Velcro of Kyrie 6 use 5 different materials. It looks good. The vamp material is also thicker than PG3, especially the shoe heel. The plastic reinforcement on the thumb is good, the material is thick. But the size is a little small. I suggest you to purchase one size bigger.


The fit is excellent. If you like the fit of Kyrie 5, Kyrie 6 won’t make you disappointed. The asymmetric shoelaces will improve the fit. The middle upper can protect the ankle. And there is a big TPU plate on the shoe heel. The Dionaea muscipula design of Kyrie 5 is good looking and useful.

Cushion Performance

For the cushion performance, the performance of AIR Zoom Turbo is almost the same as Kyrie 5. You can see the previous article of Kyrie 5 for the air cushion performance.

The adjusted Phylon insole don’t have big difference as Kyrie 5. It’s not excellent, but enough.


The starting speed is still fast. But you need to be careful for the size, as the size of Kyrie 6 is smaller than normal size, it’s better to have a try on the physical store.

Anti-rollover Performance

Kyrie 6 is very stable. It keeps the good anti-rollover performance of Kyrie series signature shoes. Comparing with Kyrie 5, the anti-rollover performance of Kyrie 6 is better.

Abrasive Resistance

We purchased the XDR version outsole. After playing basketball games around 6 hours, we haven’t found any abrasion on the outsole. The performance is good. It should be no problem on outer court.

Overall: The performance of Kyrie 6 is improved comparing with Kyrie 5. The appearance design will make the colorway has more possibilities. If you like Kyrie 5, it will also be a good choice for you to purchase Kyrie 6.

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Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

As per the official said, Kyrie 6’s center of gravity is reduced comparing with Kyrie 5. After comparing, Kyrie 6’s center of gravity is indeed reduced obviously.

The forefoot sole can be affixed to the ground, although it’s still arc-shaped outsole, but it’s not so extreme as Kyrie 5.

The shoe head of Kyrie 6 is not so tilted as Kyrie 5. It can improve the stability of insole.

Kyrie 6 reduces the center of gravity and reduce the radian. This kind of design will improve the performance of Zoom Turbo.

It seems that the ZOOM Turbo of Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6 is almost the same. But if you look it under accent light, you fill find that the layering of Kyrie 6’s Turbo fiber is clearer.

The groove is deepened. With the improvement of workmanship, it optimizes the distribution of air.

The actual feedback of Kyrie 6’s forefoot Turbo air cushion is more obvious than Kyrie 5. It’s elastic and more comfortable than Kyrie 5. The cushion performance of ZOOM Turbo is good.

I thought the improvement of cushion performance is due to the upgrade of air cushion. But after taking off the shoe-pad, we find that the thickness of Kyrie 6’s shoe-pad is thinner than Kyrie 5’s.

And due to the thin shoe-pad, we can feel the feedback of insole technology directly.

It’s the same as the Adidas basketball shoes with full-length Boost, the thickness of shoe-pad is thin.

The feedback of forefoot insole brings us big surprise. I like this design.

For the rear sole, the Phylon insole is improved and not so stiff. It’s similar as the Phylon on the rear sole of PG3 which is a little soft and not elastic.

The cushion performance of Kyrie 6’s rear sole is similar to Kyrie 5. It’s not good.

If you like good cushion performance of rear sole, it’s better not to choose Kyrie 6. The Velcro design can improve the strength of insole.

The outsole is upturning design. And the buckling point is on the reasonable position. So even it doesn’t have supporting plate in the insole, the strength of Kyrie 6 is good.

Of course, if you think that the TPU supporting plate is necessary, it’s also reasonable.

The Velcro has good supporting performance to arch, and it can also make the shoe fit better and lock the foot well.

The degree of adaptability of the vamp and Velcro is not good. When the vamp deforms, the Velcro is still on the same position.

The ductility of Velcro is not good. The ductility of Dionaea muscipula is much better.

But due to the Velcro, the flat vamp of Kyrie 6 fit the foot very well.

Although the design of Dionaea muscipula is good, but the shoe head of Kyrie 5 is still a little empty.

For the fit of Kyrie 6’s forefoot, it doesn’t have big disadvantage.

Actually, the design prototype of Kyrie 6 is Air Yeezy 2.

Let’s have a look at the design of Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6’s shoe heel.

Kyrie 5 makes the suitable groove for playing basketball. But Kyrie 6 don’t have such design.

The shoe heel of Kyrie 6 can’t fit the foot very well. The forefoot is tight, but the shoe heel is a little loose.

And the strength of shoe heel is bad. If pressing it, it will cause obvious deformation.

As the shoe heel is a little soft, so the height of upper doesn’t have the advantage.

The traction performance of Kyrie 6 is great. The outsole has upturning grain on the inner side. So if you like to turn, it will offer great traction performance to you.

Although the outsole is XDR, but the abrasive resistance is still not good. The rubber is a little soft.

If you like the colorway, you can consider it, but I need to remind you for the disadvantage of Kyrie 6, that is, the support of shoe heel and abrasive resistance.


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Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

Suited Field:we suggest to wear it on inner court or outdoor plastic court.

Suited Players: weight about 60-85kg

Suited Playing ways: if you like turning, breaking through or like the excellent feedback of forefoot sole, it will be suitable to you

After playing about 5 basketball games with Kyrie 6, we want to share our review of the performance.


Kyrie 6 fit the foot very well, and it’s very comfortable. The size is also normal size. It’s very suitable. If you normally wear EUR42.5 or EUR43, I suggest you to buy EUR43.

From the official structure chart, we can see that the Velcro design it the instep very well. But it’s not good for the guys who has high instep. If you have high instep, it’s better to have a try before purchasing.

The design of shoe heel is actually tucked inward. And the outboard FATIMA’s hand is surrounding stiff TPU. We can see the actual area from the official structure chart. It really likes a hand to cover the heel.

Supporting Performance:

The inboard stiff design is a little stiff. The overall supporting performance is strong. The vamp won’t deform when urgent stopping.

But I feel uncomfortable for the support of midsole. The design of the Velcro part is a little deep, almost close to the middle part of the shoes. Moreover, it’s stiff material. It can offer the support to arch. But if you are flat foot, it may press your arch.

If you just put on the shoes, and fasten the shoelaces and Velcro, the arch will be uncomfortable. It needs some times to break-in.

The supporting performance of shoe heel is great. You don’t need to worry about it.

Cushion Performance:

I really like the insole of Kyrie 6. It feels like the feedback of AJ34 when putting on.

The Zoom Turbo of forefoot is not even type. The middle part is elastic, and the surrounding part is soft. When you start on the front side, it will push you to go ahead. It has good elasticity.

The Phylon of rear sole is more comfortable than Kyrie 5. The cushion performance of rear sole is enough for the guys whose weight is below 85kg.

Anti-torsion performance:

As we haven’t deconstructed, so we are not sure if it has the anti-torsion plate now.

But if bending it, the deformation is small. The strength is good. There are two reasons:

1. The design of Velcro is deep and it’s stiff, so it has the effect of anti-torsion.

2. The Phylon of midsole is also stiff.

So the anti-torsion performance of Kyrie 6 is good.

Traction Performance:

The traction performance of the outsole is also great. It reminds me CP11.

In the clean wood floor, we can hear the noise. The outsole can offer excellent feedback when urgent stopping or turning. And the outsole is wide. The grain is similar to Kyrie 4. It’s better than Kyrie 5. It’s safer.

Abrasive Resistance:

I think the Abrasive Resistance of Kyrie 6 is also better than Kyrie 5. But after playing 5 basketball games, the sole already has some burrs. So it’s not suitable to play on cement court.

Below is our marking for Kyrie 6:

Fit: 9 scores

Vamp Support:8.5 scores

Feedback of forefoot:9 scores

Cushion Performance of Rear Sole:7.5 scores

Anti-torsion Performance:7 scores

Anti-rollover Performance:8.5 scores

Traction Performance:8.5 scores

Overall Protection:8 scores

Overall Support:8 scores

Overall Stability:9 scores

Overall:83 scores

Why can Kyrie 6 get such high scores without air cushion on rear sole and knit vamp (and maybe it doesn’t have supporting plate on arch)? Although Kyrie 6 only adds the thickness of air cushion, give the support to arch from Velcro and it has special TPU on the shoe head.

The problem of Kyrie 6 is, it’s not suitable to the guys who have disease on the arch of foot. But if you have suitable shoe-pad for supporting arch of foot, you can choose it even if you have the disease.