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Unboxing and Closed Look: Nike Kyrie 6 CNY

I was expecting the colorway of NIKE Kyrie 6 CNY, today I just get it. It’s the new year gift to myself. hahaha…

Size: US9 EUR42.5

Unit Weight: 425g

We have shared the performance review of Kyrie 6 before. Kyrie 6 is my favorite basketball shoes. Comparing with Kyrie 5, the comfort level and performance of Kyrie 6 is improved. I also love the appearance of Kyrie 6.

The side tag marks NIKE KYRIE 6 CNY EP.

The appearance is cool. The elements on the vamp is complicated. The main colorway is black and it’s decorated with several different colors.

It’s seamed with golden stitches under the buckle of shoelaces. The shoelaces is also golden.

The NIKE SWOOSH logo on the vamp is also golden.

The brightest part of the vamp is the design of Velcro.

In previous city colorways, it uses semi-transparent material on the shoe heel and it marks the characteristics of each city on it.

This time, the NIKE KYRIE 6 CNY colorway change the characteristic to Velcro.

We can find many elements on the Velcro, such as shoe-shaped gold ingot, flower and NIKE shoebox etc. The colorway of Velcro is transited from golden to purplish red.

The upper position uses Litchi leather. It’s nice. Except the golden Swoosh logo on the upper, it also has inwrought paper cuttings totem on the upper.

The paper cutting is the main scheme of CNY series.

In the form of paper cutting, NIKE presents 4 pictures of the year of rat growing up together with Chinese sports culture.

The pictures of paper cutting are hidden in these two colorways. How many parts could you find?

The logo of Chinese paper currency on the shoe tongue is special, and another shoe tongue is pink Kyrie logo which is very attractive.

The shoe heel has blue semi-transparent hand of Fatima.

The outsole is purple. And the forefoot sole is orange.

Overall, the performance of Kyrie 6 is great. This kind of creative colorway makes it to be more special. Could you refrain from purchasing it?