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Reviews And Close Look at Nike Kyrie 4 “Yellow Multicolor”

This ’70s-styled Nike Kyrie 4 is said to be inspired by a Uncle Drew movie poster as well as resembling the van featured in the film. It features a Yellow-based upper highlighted with a rainbow-like rear panel in Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, and Yellow color tones.

We will close look at this shoes today .

A colorful rubber outsole in Orange, Red, and White completes the design.Not only is the sneaker world hotly anticipating the upcoming Cereal Pack – with iterations dedicated to Kix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms – but we brought you an official look at another GR version with serious 90s vibes yesterday.

For the shoe box ,it is really simply but look great.The logo as last model .


Red, orange, yellow, purple, and blue are responsible for this sneaker’s bright and bold color scheme with yellow taking up the majority of its real estate.Low profile cushion, non-existing impact protection, paper lightness & killer traction – that‘s the Kyrie line. But then the Kyrie 4 comes in, and hell yeah it‘s different.


For  the material : the upper is pretty simple which may be attractive to some.Apart from the mesh on the front, the rest of the shoe does feature some freaking premium and  old school stuff. Other than that, it is released that the foam used in the Kyrie 4 is Cushlon which is an upgrade over the regular Phylon used in the Kyrie line that received so much negative feedback. Though the Kyrie 4 comes is breaking all the standards, except the one about mesh… It still does feel cheap to me, even though you can feel a tinny improvement.we got huge suede panels both on medial and lateral side, giving the shoe that awesome premium look & feel, while adding support/containment in crucial areas.

For the cushioning :  counting from 1 to 3, was always the reason why they were directing only very specific group of people.Heel Zoom will still be the main tech in terms of cushioning but the foam will be what we will look out for the most.The Zoom Air unit in the heel does feel sufficiently plushier, offering you quite bouncy yet super responsive ride. It‘s not eventually something on a same level as BOUNCE, but I still did enjoy it quite a lot.

We can see the detials as below :. The rounded base and “teeth” that wrap up the sides of the shoe ensures full coverage no matter what action you are in.


For the traction : the traction is expected to be better than before seeing that it is some kind of herringbone.and  if you keep them nice and debris-free they will deliver some good ass grip both on the inside and outside.

The laces are more toward the round side, which is something I do not particularly like as round laces tend to come undone more easily than flat ones.Initially I thought that the outsole wrapping up the sides of the shoe would provide some added containment. dust does stick on the rubber time to time but a few wipes should settle that.