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Check Out Nike Kyrie 4 Confetti Deconstructed Report

Kyrie Irving has a very unique demand and specific performance demands.  The Celtics number 11 bewilders defenders with extreme directional changes. He requires constant support and dynamic traction, even as he banks in the most absurd, contorted foot angles against the court — anything to gain an advantage. The designer who Benjamin Nethongkome has worked in various basketball sneakers’s fields for nine years, these are all good design challenges.

Let’s take a look at the design details of KYRIE 4.

“I need to identify a spot and get in and out of it without loosing my balance,” says Irving. “Being able to pivot off my spot and have balance in the shoe, regardless of where my foot hits the court, is essential.”


For the box , it is really nice with the red colorway

there are the details for the side

there are the shoes number

The “Confetti” colorway features the alternating placement of vibrant colors, but the story behind it is a bit less celebratory; after the Cavs lost the Finals in Game 5, Kyrie grabbed a handful of confetti off the floor as fuel to come back harder and ensure a return to the big stage.

We can see more details as attached .


For the material ,Upon closer inspection, the upper features scribbles of motivational quotes that drive Kyrie to perform beyond his capabilites.The forefoot is built of a zonally engineered mesh, an upgrade from previous KYRIE silhouettes and one that providefs both containment and comfortable feeling .it will be better compare with last version .

For the supporting : The forefoot is highlighted by Engineered Mesh with key ventilation zones which provide the great supporting . It all works harmoniously to provide top shelf performance for one of the league’s most remarkable talents while delivering a stylish package to the demanding public.The heel fill up the form ,then we can feel the soft .



in order to increasing the support and friction, the design is amazing .

In the left medial forefoot is printed on the bottom: JBY (Just Be Yourself)


For the cushioning : Nethongkome’s ideas for the KYRIE 4, which are based on Irving’s desire to improve underfoot cushioning (solved with the application of Cushlon midsole Zoom Air heel unit) while simultaneously making him quicker on the corner, so he design the overtly realized in the outsole’s zig-zag flex grove.  Effectively decoupling the sole,whihc  enhances traction and response from side to side, forming more seamless transitions. so the outsole wraps up and around the foot, it is  forming a fanged sidewall that emphasizes that the shoe was built for speed this set up .

The right foot with the medial forefoot: H+H, “Hungry and Humble”

for the traction : it is used the great rubber that gain the grip .for the bottom line which more provide the grip  and special design .

the clear traction is nice too , we dont know whether it will be worn  such as the usually version of Nike , maybe it is need time to test , but the traction is look great.

For the grip ,

The heel position opens the ZOOM AIR air cushion and has the “#11” new jersey number

here are more details for the traction .

We can see the KYRIE LOGO

The inside of the left foot is printed on the inside of the outer bottom: 8.13.67 ELIZABETH, representing the birthday of Erwin’s mother

The right foot is printed on the inside of the field: 11.23.15 AZURIE, representing the birthday of Erwin’s daughter

there are the logo inside –N J,(New jersey — NJ)

there are the words logo —FEAR IS NOT REAL

there are the data for the insole

For the weight , it is lighter , just only 393 g for the size US 9/42.5

Overall , the Kyrie 4  EP Confetti  with the most  amazing colorway  and great cushioning , traction  released, Irving sees “the authenticity of a performance shoe — something that hits all the marks as a basketball shoe — matched with really good looks.”  that is  the showed by Nethongkome “Those shoes are classic because they are deeply rooted in innovation.”  it will become the most popular sneaker in near future .

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