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Kyrie Irving With His New Nike Kyrie 4

There is a exciting news that the Nike Kyrie 4 releases globally on December 16th in the “Confetti” colorway, followed by the black version on December 20th.
For the fans of Kyrie Irving who spent a long time to wait his new design . Finally , the Nike Kyrie 4 is releasing .

Kyrie  ‘s  clutch-est shot in the history of the Finals, he only to have its magnitude completely overshadowed by LeBron’s chase-down block on Andre Iguodala. Then achieving his first Olympic gold medal, Kyrie Irving was firmly cemented as the alpha he was projected to be. As his success in the game continued its ascension, so Nike will be cooperate wit him .

The designer, who was born in Thailand and moved to Miami at age 10, he  is the fans of Irving and spend a lot of time to watching the game and working on variety of basketball sneakers,Nethongkome was become the key designer of the Irving’s signature line. Since then , he will be follow every game of Irving, and he will looking for the details of  the game and  the needs of the player . Finally , he  did the perfect shoes —-Nike Kyrie 4.


Nethongkome’s first time at the Garden that night , he feeling special , Irving is thrilling everyone in the  garden .  “predictable and unpredictable at the same time, like a pin ball,” for Nethongkome description

which the perfect game —A 27-foot straightaway three late in the fourth brings his overall tally to 32.  though masked, in protection of the facial fracture suffered on November 10. Finally  he move the guard to celebration. With its new star leading the way, the franchise stands at 21 wins and four losses at game’s end — a nearly unimaginable position given the season’s calamitous start.

December 5 serves as the de facto coming out party for the Irving’s fourth signature shoe. Though leaked before , but it   has yet to be discussed publicly. then  Nethongkome’s relative anonymity as a footwear designer. he  delivering basketball shoes such as the Kobe Mentality 2, Mamba Rage, and LeBron Witness 1. He had the chops to amazing shoes  for the big names.


The two met in the same summer in which Kyrie won his ‘chip and immediately went to work, laying the groundwork for a pivotal fourth shoe.Nethongkome and Irving first met on Wednesday, September 7, 2016, during a meeting to firm up release plans for the KYRIE 3 . Of course at the time, things were all gravy and the sudden trade request and departure to Boston that would go down a year later was entirely unforeseen, but this coincidental timing seems to be one of Nike’s knacks.

Nethongkome was announced as the future lead for the line, a major career step and one that wasn’t without chills, though the pressure was major. but he has  a team of people with together , that gave him the support .


As early as in the architectural design of Miami high school (DASH) in since 11 years, he began to understand the intricacies of shoe design, on which show the spiritual connotation of crazy. Nethongkome study of industrial design in the creative design institute in Detroit, and then worked his way from Intern to the KYRIE Guy in Beaverton, Oregon.

Nethongkome want to  establish a repore, and he was in good spirits when they first met and that  was good. Irving  just won his first NBA Championship and Olympic gold medal and he was just excited to start the next journey of the next trilogy. So our team help him with this new journey.It wasn’t until this past Summer in Asia where Ben got into a path of really fine-tuning our workflow. Moving forward, it’s just gonna get easier. Now that Irving ’s taken over as a leader with the Celtics, that same leadership translated over to the product creation aspect. He’s a lot more vocal, a lot more in-tune with what’s happening, starting from a sketch to choosing colors and materials to even narratives for his PEs.

The special design detail of the Kyrie signature line of footwear is the outsole. Its importance is paramount to Kyrie’s operation on the court, where he surgically cuts through opposing defenses before magically caroming the ball off the backboard with some sweet english.The forefoot is built of a zonally engineered mesh, an upgrade from previous KYRIE silhouettes and one that provides both containment and a softer feel. The transition to the heel introduces more classic materials — many versions of the KYRIE 4 will carry a suede or leather — which not only feel great but offer opportunity against a new challenge: how people watch the game today.




The detailing on the new model reflects Kyrie’s attention to craftsmanship and the classic Nike and Air Jordans of the past that he loved. Irving has very unique and specific performance demands, “I need to identify a spot and get in and out of it without loosing my balance,” says Irving. So He requires constant support and dynamic traction, even as he banks in the most absurd, contorted foot angles against the court — anything to gain an advantage . For the Kyrie 4, Nethongkome selected suede and great  leather materials typically found on older models, applying them in key regions as well as unexpected areas such as the toe. The forefoot is highlighted by Engineered Mesh with key ventilation zones and emphasis on torque points, while Flywire acts as the chief lockdown supplier.

The groundwork was laid by Leo Chang’s designs of the Kyrie 1, 2, and 3, which featured an exaggerated sidewall and a rounded heel that ensured Kyrie didn’t lose a step. Nethongkome focused on further evolving the learnings from previous models and introduced a completely decoupled outsole, giving unprecedented levels of traction for explosion and stoppage in any direction. Kyrie’s body is always on a tilt, and by splitting the sole longitudinally, stability would not be compromised as the medial and lateral sides act almost independently during those severe cutting motions. The sketches below clearly depict the theory.

Each successive model evolves ideas about motion banking, making the sidewall an integral part of the overall traction system and redefining surefootedness on the basketball court. Right off the bat, it’s easy to tell that the color-blocking capabilities of the shoe are on point. The materials are placed to serve the athlete, but it also lends to some attractive arrangements that can really make the shoe pop.



“We want specific things that stand out and spark a memory and draw people back. They don’t need to want the shoe right then and there, but they need an initial spark in 30 seconds,” Irving said , so blocking is the important things that they discussed, to isolate parts of the shoe and bring them to life. it extends the details of this masterpiece .


The “Confetti” colorway, which releases tomorrow, features the alternating placement of vibrant colors, but the story behind it is a bit less celebratory; after the Cavs lost the Finals in Game 5, Kyrie grabbed a handful of confetti off the floor as fuel to come back harder and ensure a return to the big stage. Upon closer inspection, the upper features scribbles of motivational quotes that drive Kyrie to perform beyond his capabilites.

Everything they do is to make the athlete better, and Kyrie has a trainer he works really closely with, and they’re convinced that what gives Kyrie an edge is having traction wrap up on the sidewall on both lateral and medial for him to push off. So the design  continually add and keep on products is to keep him quick on the court, The court feeling must be best .

Overall. In those vintage basketball shoes,  Nike Kyrie 4 will become the authenticity of a performance shoe  that hits all the marks as a basketball shoe,  matched with really good with the great material and new design , As the  Nethongkome said  “Those shoes are classic because they are deeply rooted in innovation.”

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