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Nike Kyrie 3 Performance Review

Kyrie Irving took time out from his busy Nike Basketball Asia Tour to create these two Kyrie 3 Yeezy customs and show them off to the world on Instagram. Now it is releasing .

Today let us talk it .

For Traction , aggressive herringbone is featured from heel to toe along with two multi-directional pods which these pods are intended to allow the wearer to grip the court while swiftly changing direction , it is best traction since utilized in 2016 .


For cushion  : The Kyrie 3 has no cushion aside from the heel Zoom Air unit. Not sure why anyone would be mad at me for that.I’ll blame that partially on the cushion setup and partially on my aging body.Because I can not very well in jump-stop, landing etc.

The main difference between the Kyrie 2 and 3 comes from the materials — and I really love the materials. Mesh is the primary feature at the toe and midfoot to heel . That is a good news for that fans .


For supporting : Having the midsole and outsole rounded  design definitely takes some getting used to, once you’ve gotten used to it you’re playing as you would in any other shoe. Materials did its job  well ,I love it anyway .


Overall ,high-wear areas for extra strength and durability of Nike Kyrie 3.No one can reject it .