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Nike Kobe AD Mid EP Performance Review

I remember watching Kobe as a rookie thinking “This is one cocky mf, he better be good” .Kobe Bryant‘s Mamba Mentality has been well-documented throughout his 12 years with Nike Basketball. His alter ego has served as fuel for other athletes such as Kyrie Irving, all who have taken direct cues from Bryant’s hall of fame career.So many fans will like the AD MID sneakers .

So what is the performance ? We will check it today .

As we know ,these sneakers monochromatic colorways ranging from teal (honesty), red (passion), grey (detachment), purple (fearlessness), and yellow (optimism). but for me , I like the grey one . it is seems a  little unobtrusive  ,but this one match any color way if  you don’t know the color principle .

For this shoes , it is seems  very different than any other Kobe shoe I ever played in. It provides less responsiveness and court feel than other Kobes. It seems like after his retirement, Kobe wants a little more cushioning and a more “old school” vibe from his shoes.For the design ,the unique features on the Swoosh branding  is  attractive  .


For the material : Kobe AD Mid material is more a little  stiff, maybe  the reason why of this kind of material,  it is  the suede material with the leather ,though it is kind of thin.then we can see the  Flywire which more the wrapping .

The materials do take a few hours of break in to warm up and soften but there aren’t hot spots that pinch or flex painfully so just play on and you’ll be fine. You do have a little dead space in the toe box when you lace them tightly but it doesn’t affect anything.

For the ventilation ,the materials are not breathable at all  .Moisture buildup becomes an issue within the shoe rather quickly because of the lack of ventilation, especial for the summer , if you can not bear it , maybe it is not a good choice for you .When you have moisture buildup within a shoe, and you have friction involved, blistering is inevitable.

The advantage of this kind of suede material is that it have  enough support and stability . When carrying out some high-intensity reversal, the uppers can work, but this type of upper has the disadvantage of being extended.

Followed by a surrounded TPU,  Kobe Bryant ad mid ‘s stability is great , the stability of this pair of shoes is really good.

For the lace system , it is nothing special , but  it is easy to adjustment  ,but seem the second row of shoelaces will have a little footing in the beginning

For the cushioning : For the Kobe series’s cushioning configuration, I guess  a lot of people familiar with this kind of design.  it is  the  Lunarlon midsole followed by Zoom. for this price with this setting , it is nice . But it  seems to be worse than the previous Lunarlon of Kobe 11 EM.

However, this version of Kobe AD Mid is greatly improved. The full length  of Lunarlon is relatively flexible, the forefoot is slightly harder, but it is suitable for the design of guard quick start. The Zoom’s soft bullet is moderate and the feedback is obvious. I think it is a very practical and effective cushioning configuration in actual combat.

The forefoot is all about offering a balanced ride that allows you to be quick on your feet while still maintaining a level of comfort.  and the Kobe AD Mid is more comparable to the Kobe 10 and Kobe A.D. NXT rather than the previous Kobe A.D.

For the traction :  Translucent rubber, it worked really well.  But the dust is attracted to this type of rubber, so you will need to wipe here and there, but it was nothing that would hinder the traction’s performance if you were too busy playing to wipe.


The outsole there is a very small outwardly extending corner which the role is to prevent rollover, there can be a clear visible carbon plate on the heel, then with the carbon plate supporting, this pair of shoes is still very good resistance to distortion

Overall, Ventilation and material quality are where the Kobe AD Mid’s could improve. However, the cushioning is nice and the rest of the shoe plays and performs really well. traction also great, it is worth the price .