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Detailed Look and Review: Nike Kobe 1 Protro

Hi, guys, many Kobe’s fans are interested in Nike Kobe 1 Protro. Today let’s have a closed look at  it.

Size: US9.5=EUR43 Normal Size

Unit Weight: 470g

Actually Nike Kobe 1 Protro has been released in the beginning of last year.

It’s interesting that the shoebox only shows KOBE 1 PROTRO, but not ZOOM KOBE 1 PROTRO.

This colorway is called Mamba Day. It’s all black with gold logo and decorations. It looks very cool.

The vamp is leather material. The shoe head has a piece of chamois leather. It also has a piece of chamois leather on the shoe tongue and shoe heel.

It has golden Swoosh logo on the vamp and golden inwrought KOBE logo on the shoe tongue.

The shoe heel of left shoe has 4 golden lines which stand for the 4 wounds on the heel tendon of Kobe. The shoe heel of right shoe shows 4.13.18 which is the date when is named as Mamba Day by NIKE.

The shoes has a small tag which has the signature of Kobe, Swoosh logo and Kobe’s logo.

Nike Kobe 1 Protro has full-length Zoom Air.

The Zoom Kobe 1 uses separated ZOOM Air on forefoot sole and rear sole. Although Kobe 1 Protro uses full-length Zoom Air, the area of ZOOM Air is bigger, but it’s hard to say that it’s improved. As I think that the effect of separated ZOOM Air is better when playing basketball.

So what can we also see in the insole?

That is, the carbon plate.

Actually ZOOM Kobe 1 uses the design of two carbon plates: the external carbon plate is surrounding type from the outside to shoe heel and arch. And the built-in carbon plate is in the middle part from the outsole to insole.

The design of two carbon plates is quite great.

I’m also surprised at the sole. The front side of shoe-pad is the view of Kobe’s back, and the reverse side has many ventilated holes. It has two pieces of cushion material on the forefoot sole and rear sole.

The outsole has transverse herringbone with the prismatic grain on forefoot sole and rear sole. The traction performance is great. It also has a big hollow-out Nike Swoosh logo in the middle of sole which can make the carbon plate to be visible.

Overall, the performance of Kobe 1 Protro should be above average. If you are Kobe’s fans, you may don’t want to miss it.