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NIKE Kobe 1 Protro All-Star Performance Review

Tester’s information:

Height/Weight: 188cm, 68-70kg

Testing Time: more than 10 basketball games

Court: outdoor cement court

Traction Performance: 9 scores
The outsole is classic herringbone pattern. The tiptoe and heel sole is rhombus. It’s slippery in the beginning, I was disappointed. But after wearing off the surface coating, the traction performance will be great. It would absorb the dust, so it needs to clean.

Durability: 8 scores

The outsole is stiff rubber. The pattern is depth, so it’s no problem to play basketball on outdoor court.

Cushion Performance:8 scores

Kobe 1 Protro All-Star uses full-length Zoom Air cushion. Although it’s thin, but it’s enough for my weight. The feedback of the full-length ZOOM Air cushion is obvious.

Fitness: 6 scores

The forefoot sole looks like square shape. It has big space above the toes. It isn’t helpful for fastening the shoelaces to cover the foot. Although is high type, but it’s useless. It has the counter, but it’s soft and low. If your ankle is injured or week, I don’t suggest you to purchase it for playing basketball.

Vamp Support: 8 scores

The vamp uses genuine leather. It has thicker leather on the shoe head to reinforce. The supporting performance is good.

Anti-rollover performance: 10 scores

The insole is upturning to vamp. And it has exaggerated outrigger and wide sole, so the anti-rollover performance of forefoot sole is great.
Anti-torsion Performance: 10 scores

Kobe 1 Protro All-Star cut the length of carbon plate, the strength is good. It’s hard to bend. And it’s allotypic carbon plate, so I give 10 scores for the anti-torsion performance of Kobe 1 Protro All-Star

Air Permeability:4 scores

As the vamp is made of leather, so the air permeability is bad.
Weight: 7 scores

NIKE has reduced the weight, but it’s still a little heavy.

Design: 8 scores

It has some disadvantages, but the appearance is good.

Overall: 78 scores

Although it’s protro version, but it doesn’t reduce the configuration. The biggest disadvantage is the fitness. The appearance is cool, I love it, so I bought 3 colorways of Kobe 1 Protro All-Star. The price is not high, as the material is good. It’s also suitable for daily dressing.