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Nike KD 9 HOME II – New From Durant Something

News reveals that that Nike KD 9 “Home II” will be what Kevin Durant will wear at the Oracle. An incredibly eye catching silhouette, not to mention colorway, the Nike KD 9 is set to rock the market on February 16, 2017. Although that is still a few months away, Nike has graciously released images of the shoes to let everyone know exactly what they are getting.
Nike KD 9 Home II
Style Code:843392-411
Release Date:February 16, 2017


One look at these kicks and you just KNOW they are going to attract attention. An attractive color combination of blue, skyblue, and white – the shoes have this very distinctive shape that is not easy to ignore. With deep top cuts and a high back for the heels, it looks like the kicks are made of mesh from top to bottom.

The trim portion is mainly done in white with the color turning blue as it proceeds to the heels of the shoes. It is not a gradual shift either as you can easily see a division between the white and blue coloring.

The side also sports the Nike logo done in beautiful white, allowing it to stand out amidst the blue coloring. The heels seem to be sporting a certain logo – but it is hard to tell from the images.

Maybe Nike is trying to build the suspense for the Nike KD 9 “Home II” which is why they have only released that ONE image of the shoes from the side. No other image from a different angle is available online so you can’t really tell the color of the tongue and the different logos incorporated into the design.

What we can tell you though: the laces are basic white and rounded. On the plus side, that means that IF you lose the laces at any point, you can easily replace them with something you purchase from any store.

The soles are white with some translucent design in the middle. The outsole is a slim length of white with the words “ZOOM” conspicuously edged onto the design.

All in all, it’s a pretty good pair with colors that just scream for attention. A little low in the layout, it has the look of something you can wear practically anywhere.

The shoes will sell for $150 on February 16. If you like them, better make sure you’re the first in line since it’s unlikely that these kicks will last long. Put in your order through any Nike store and be ready when February hits! If you’re not a fan of the colorway though – there are definitely more out there! Stay tuned for Nike release dates.