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Nike KD 12 Performance Review

Tester’s Info.:

Height/Weight: 168cm/56kg

Traction Performance: 8 scores

The pattern of outsole is arrows shape. It has excellent traction performance. But if there is a lot of dust on the outdoor court, the dust will affect the traction performance. It has perfect traction performance on the clean indoor wood floor.

Cushion Performance: 10 scores
KD12 uses full-length Zoom with hex Zoom on rear sole. The double-deck air cushion performance is excellent. But the disadvantage is, the starting feedback is not good. If your weight is not heavy enough, you can’t break-in the double-deck air cushion. The insole of KD12 is soft, it’s also comfortable when walking.

Fitness: 8.5 scores

The vamp of KD12 uses the new technology-QUAD AXIAL FLYWIRE, which can adapt to the multi-directional pull when playing basketball games. The padding in ankle part is not much, so it can’t offer enough protection to ankle.

Anti-torsion Performance: 7 scores

The surrounding TPU on the outboard of vamp can offer good anti-torsion performance.

Anti-rollover Performance: 9 scores

The upturning insole foam with outboard TPU supporting plate can stabilize your foot very well. But it doesn’t have enough ankle support, so we can’t get it the best evaluation.

Supporting Performance: 10 scores
QUAD AXIAL FLYWIRE can offer good ductility of vamp. The upturning insole foam can offer extra support.

Weight: 9 scores

There are many holes on the outsole, which reduces the unit weight a lot.

The size US8 of 385g.

Abrasive Resistance: 8 scores

After testing about 8 hours, we haven’t found obvious abrasion of the outsole. The outsole is stiff rubber, which can offer good abrasive resistance. But QUAD AXIAL FLYWIRE is easy to loosen.

Air Permeability: 6 scores

The vamp is 3 layers, and the shoe tongue is thick, so the air permeability is not good.

Material: 9 scores
It uses several kinds of material. The material is good

Overall: 84.5 scores

NIKE KD12 is my favorite shoes. It almost satisfies all of my request. It’s suitable for most of people. It’s worthy to have a try.