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NIKE JOYRIDE RUN FK Performance Review

Hey, guys, I just come back from the JOYRIDE news conference that NIKE celebrate in Shanghai. As we know, the Voperfly series running shoes use NEXT% which let us run fast. React series running shoes uses EpicReact which let us run long. Free series running shoes let us run strong. And JOYRIDE series running shoes let us run easy, no matter the mood or the running state.

When seeing the picture of JOYRIDE RUN FK, the black and white colorway doesn’t attract me. We can see the small particles from the semi-transparent air cushion.

After seeing the actual shoes, the first releasing colorway is white with blue, and it’s decorated with orange on the insole, outsole and pull-tab.

The vamp is made of two kinds of material. The outer side is Flyknit which has good air permeability and elasticity. The inner side uses elastic and soft composite material and it’s also filled with foam. It’s very comfortable. To reinforce the stability, the inner side of vamp is designed with thermoplastic control tape which connect with shoelaces. After fastening the shoe laces, the foot can be fit very well.  But the thermoplastic material is a little stiff. It will press the instep when wearing it on the first time. If your instep is high, it’s better to choose half size bigger. It needs times to break in. The good fit can offer me more confidence when running.

The shoe heel uses double-deck design. The inlayer is the integrated sleeve with vamp. The outer layer is stiff knit to offer stability to heel. The pull-tab design on the shoe heel looks good, and it’s also useful.

Insole: The blue part is very soft. It should be the softest insole that I have worn. In theoretically, such soft insole should not be able to support the movement. I will talk about it later.

Outsole: it’s made of orange part and semi-transparent crystal sole. Joyride only put the necessary rubber on the waring part and force bearing points. We can see the small particles from the semi-transparent crystal sole.

Now let’s have a look at its core technology JOYRIDE. Why did NIKE design such soft insole? The main reason is to let the runners feel the small particles of sole. The characteristic of TPE is light and the particles have air inside, so it’s easy to compress. After compressing, the resilience is good. The main usage of the foam in insole is to bearing the JOYRIDE particles.

These particles are not put average in the insole. The density of particles is designed after calculating the different stressing area of foot.


I have run about 8km with JOYRIDE FUN FK. In the beginning, the vamp of JOYRIDE FUN FK is tight. But after breaking in, it can offer great stability to foot when running. If you like JOYRIDE, JOYRIDE NSW series will be released soon.


JOYRIDE’s core design concept is the concept of sand, which will change by the shape of foot. The JOYRIDE particles will be changed as per your foot and running way.

The cushion performance is excellent when running. It’s easy to run. I recommend you to purchase it for running.