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NIKE Hyperdunk X Performance Review

Suited Court: Indoor and outdoor court, but it’s unsuitable for cement court

Suited Players: around 60KG to 90KG

Suited Playing Way: frontline, if you are defender, you can choose low type

Suited Foot type: normal foot, it’s unsuitable if you foot is wide and have high instep.

Actually, when getting Nike Hyperdunk X, I tried it, but it’s uncomfortable for me. Let’s have a look at the performance of Nike Hyperdunk X today.

The colorway is cool, I like it.

The material of forefoot position should be space cotton. It’s soft. The shoe heel should be made of mesh fabric. It looks cool, but the vamp is soft and thin. The supporting performance is bad.

The fit of vamp is good. The forefoot and midfoot of the shoes use dynamic shoelace buckles which is similar to Flywire. So after fastening the shoelaces, the vamp can fit the foot very well.

But the supporting performance of vamp is bad. It’s soft. If it adds one more buckle, the fit will be better.

As my foot is wide and flat type, the dynamic fit is not excellent, so if your foot is thin type, it would not be suitable for you. Although the flexibility of high type model is not good, but it can protect your ankle.

It has built-in counter, with the rubber plate on the shoe heel, so the heel can be fixed well.

It also has another problem on the vamp. As it’s the design of half inner sleeve, the center of gravity is low. So if your instep is high, it won’t be suitable for you.

From Hyperdunk 17, the React is changed to the standard separated ZOOM Air as previous HD series. But the actual insole performance of Hyperdunk X is worse than other sneakers with separated ZOOM Air Cushion. But the cushion performance is good when wearing it in the beginning.

But the position of forefoot air cushion is awkward. When breaking through, I can’t feel its cushion performance. But when falling to the ground, the cushion performance is good.

The cushion performance is good, it’s enough for the players whose weight is under 90KG. The insole configuration of Hyperdunk X is great. But I think that the actual performance should be better.

For the outsole, the traction performance is not bad. I haven’t slipped when playing basketball. But comparing with previous HD series, the traction performance of Hyperdunk X is not good enough. As I think that the traction performance of Hyperdunk and ZOOM Kobe series should be excellent.

For the wear-resisting performance, it’s not a problem for indoor and outdoor court. But it’s unsuitable for cement court, as the rubber is a little soft.

Although we can see that Hyperdunk X has an anti-rollover design, but you can see the .gif, it’s useless when urgent stopping. So the anti-rollover performance is just a qualified level. For the anti-torsion performance, although it has an anti-torsion plate, but it can be bent easily.

Fit: 8 scores

Vamp Support: 5 scores

Feedback of forefoot sole: 7.5 scores

Cushion Performance of Rear Sole: 8.5 scores

Anti-rollover: 7 scores

Anti-torsion performance: 6 scores

Traction Performance: 8.5 scores

Overall Protection: 8 scores

Overall Support: 7 scores

Overall Stability: 9 scores

Overall: 74.5 scores

Hyperdunk X has the configuration of excellent basketball shoes, but the actual performance is not excellent. I think that the performance of HD series should be on the top level.