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Detailed Look and Review: NIKE LeBron AMBASSADOR XII

There is a series of basketball shoes which get good feedback in the market, but NIKE haven’t advertised it. Do you know which series? Yes, that is LeBron Ambassador series.


The shoe box is disruptive pattern and is printed with “AMBASSADOR XII” and crown logo.

The side shoe tag

The vamp is made of kinds of material which is durable and can offer good protection to the foot.

The inner side of shoe head is densely covered with particles. So what’s the usage?

The Velcro on the vamp  is printed with crown logo and  it can improve the fit. The shoe tongue is printed with green LJ 23.

LeBron AMBASSADOR XII is low type. It’s more flexible to move.

The number on the pull-tab of shoe heel is 23 which is the uniform number of LeBron.

The sole of shoe head is printed with LEBRON JAMES.

It has black Swoosh logo on the white insole.

The outsole of forefoot is embossed with the outline of air cushion. The negative direction grains can improve the traction performance.

We can see the ZOOM Air Cushion from the opening window of rear outsole.

The outsole uses XDR which has good abrasive resistance.

The black shoe-pad is printed with crown logo

The inner workmanship is good. The insole fabric is EVA.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 is about 366.1g. It’s not heavy.


NIKE LeBron AMBASSADOR XII has Velcro design. The vamp has good protection, and it can fit the foot well. The separated ZOOM Air cushion with XDR outsole is suitable to play basketball on the outdoor court.

The independent shoe tongue is convenient for putting on and taking off. It’s suitable for more foot type. After fastening the shoelaces and paste the Velcro, it fit the foot very well, and the ankle part is also comfortable. The feedback of ZOOM Air cushion on the forefoot sole is obvious. It’s fast to start.