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Nike AlphaDunk Performance Review

Many people should have see AlphaDunk on World Cup competitions before. Before I purchase AlphaDunk, many guys said that they are unsatisfied at it. Let’s have a look at the performance of AlphaDunk today.

▼The Spain centre forward Marco Gasol has worn AlphDunk on the World Cup


  1. Big new ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot

The most attracting part of AlphaDunk is the opening big ZOOM Air. It’s extending from half sole to tiptoe. The elastic and soft feeling is obvious.

▼The visible big ZOOM Air

But it’s not too soft, the position of forefoot ZOOM is very reasonable. If you like to jump to floor with forefoot firstly, you will like the cushion feedback of AlphaDunk.

Of course, the good forefoot cushion will affect the starting speed.

The rear sole only has foam cushion. The cushion performance is not good. There is a layer of TPU plate around the forefoot ZOOM Air to protect the ZOOM. But some guys react that this layer of TPU plate make them feel uncomfortable when turning or stopping.

▼we can see the size of ZOOM from outsole

  1. Fit and support is good, but not perfect

The vamp of AlphaDunk is similar to the Flyknit of LeBron 16 Battleknit. It’s said that it’s called Air Knit, But the official still call it as Flyknit. But it’s not soft, it’s a little rough. It’s stiffer than Zoom Rize.

▼the vamp is stiff

I thinks that the fit is very good. The Flywire shoelacing holes increase the fit of vamp. But the material is a little stiff. The mid-high design is more suitable for the inside lane players.

▼The Flywire shoelacing holes

The vamp can’t fit the foot 100%, but the supporting performance is not bad. There is a piece of artificial skin on the shoe heel increase the fit. It also has built-in TPU plate. The anti-torsion performance is good. But the high insole increases the height of center of gravity. If you like to turning on topspeed, AlphaDunk should be not suitable to you
▼It has built-in TPU plate on shoeheel

▼Good Anti-torsion Performance 


  1. Traction performance is wired, the abrasive resistance is bad.

AlphaDunk is concentrically ringed crystal outsole. We can see the red forefoot Zoom range from bottom.

The force of friction is strong. But I slipped for a few times when playing basketball.

▼Although it has anti-torsion design, the center of gravity is still unstable.

▼from the official picture, we can see that the inner side of forefoot is more protruding than outer side.

The forefoot ZOOM Air maybe easy to deform when running. So I’m unused to it, so I slipped for a few times.

The crystal outsole of AlphDunk outsole is not wear resistant.
▼bad wear resistance



7.5 Stars

Shoe Tree: Normal

Size: Normal

Some guys don’t think that AlphaDunk is a good pair of basketball shoes. I also think that it needs to improve some parts.

The cushion performance of AlphaDunk forefoot is great. It’s comfortable and elastic. But the cushion performance of rear sole is bad. All technology is only used on forefoot.

The vamp is also good. But I don’t like the outsole. As I slipped for several times when playing basketball games. I think that AlphaDunk maybe only suitable for the guys who don’t like to move too much and only play half of basketball games.