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Nike Air Zoom UNVRS Performance Review

Today we want to talk about NIKE AIR ZOOM UNVRS which is the first pair of FlyEase technology, but it didn’t advertise the selling point as FlyEase. After Soldier 8, it also releases the FlyEase versions. I was curious for the actual performance of FlyEase. When NIKE AIR ZOOM UNVRS is released, I purchased it at once.


  1. The full-length ZOOM Air cushion is very comfortable

Although the appearance of NIKE AIR ZOOM UNVRS is not special, the full-length Zoom Air cushion is invisible. But it needs to play one basketball games to break-in the full-length ZOOM of UNVRS. The feedback will be more obvious.

The soft and elastic feeling of rear sole is more obvious. It’s comfortable. The forefoot sole is thinner. It keeps good starting speed. I’m very satisfied at the full-length ZOOM cushion performance of NIKE AIR ZOOM UNVRS.

▼The full-length ZOOM air cushion

  1. Good Traction Performance and abrasive resistance

The outsole of AIR ZOOM UNVRS is constituted of small circles. The actual traction performance is good.

After breaking-in about 2 basketball games, the small circles on the outsole will offer great traction performance. The sole is XDR. It doesn’t have obvious abrasion after more than 6 basketball games.

▼XDR outsole

  1. The usage of FlyEase technology offer good fit and supporting performance

The most important part of NIKE AIR ZOOM UNVRS is the design of FlyEase. The main purpose of this design is for the guys who can put on and take off the basketball shoes by one hand.

▼The big lace up design

▼ the slogan about Flyease

The big lace up divides the inner and outer side of vamp and the shoe heel in 3 parts. The front end of vamp and big lace up is connected with Flywire to fit the foot.

▼it also has the slogan on the inner side of shoes

The plate of shoe heel can be bent in 90°. It has magnet iron to adsorb and fix it to 90°.

When pulling the big lace up, the forefoot can be fit well. After practicing, it’s easy to adjust the elastic degrees.

The material of vamp is Flyknit. It’s comfortable and has good fit. You can adjust the big lace up to the most comfortable position.

▼The Flyknit is very comfortable and has good fit.

AIR ZOOM UNVRS is a pair of comfortable light defenders’ basketball shoes. The vamp can fit the foot well. The main purpose of AIR ZOOM UNVRS is for easy to put on and take off. The supporting performance of AIR ZOOM UNVRS is just qualified.


The anti-rollover performance is bad.

The forefoot is a little narrow. It’s a pity that it doesn’t make wider outsole of forefoot. And it doesn’t have obvious anti-rollover part, so it’s easy to twist if making big movements.

▼The anti-rollover performance is not enough

Overall: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 9 stars

Shoe Tree: a little narrow

Size:Normal, it’s better to have a try on store before purchasing on line

The overall performance of AIR ZOOM UNVRS is good. Although it has a little problem, it doesn’t have big effect on the court. The full-length Zoom air cushion is very comfortable. It needs some times to break-in, including the suitable position of lace up and outsole. It needs about 1-2 basketball games to get used to it.

Anyway, I like this pair of AIR ZOOM UNVRS, as it uses Flyease technology. I recommend it to the guys who need the shoes to be convenient wearing.