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Nike Air Zoom Type Performance Review


We cam see that Nike Air Zoom Type belongs to Nike N.354 series from the shoebox. The shoebox is similar to brown paper design of Yeezy series.

It’s made in China. The leather is not genuine leather, and the knit is not flywire.

The colorway That I bought is black and green.

The design of Nike Air Zoom Type basic on the design of Alphafly NEXT%.

The two pieces of visible ZOOM Air cushion are very attractive. The color of outside Zoom air cushion is jacinth, and the color of inner side is lemon yellow.

Although the forefoot Zoom Air cushion of Nike Air Zoom Type is similar to Alphafly NEXT%, it’s thick, but the inside design is totally different.

The vamp of Nike Air Zoom Type uses fur material, but it’s thin and it has several ventilated holes, the air permeability is good.

The white dots on the vamp is reflective material.

The vamp is also decorated with some mint green sawtooth stitching design.

The Swoosh design of Nike Air Zoom Type is similar to Nike HyperAdapt 1.0.

The design of shoelaces buckle is similar to Air Max 90.

The vamp has the notice of N354.

The rear sole design of Nike Air Zoom Type is special, it looks cool.

The thickness of double-deck Cushlon foam outsole is exaggerated, it closes to 6cm. It’s very high. The design of rear sole bases on the deign of Alphafly NEXT%.

The middle of insole has a layer of TPU material which is extending to 4/3 forefoot sole. But it’s a little soft. It’s not very suitable for running.

It adds thicken design on the inner side to prevent grinding the feet.

The pull-tab of shoe heel is stiff, sometimes it scrapes the heel tendon. It needs to wear long socks.

The shoe-pad is normal NIKE shoe-pad.

The outsole uses rubber walf checks design. It reminds me the Sacai. It needs times to check the abrasive resistance. The skid resistance is good.

The design of insole is exaggerated, the size EUR43 looks like the length of EUR46.

The main reason that I purchase Nike Air Zoom Type is 4 pieces of visible ZOOM Air cushion. But the rear sole is soft, although it has double-deck Cushlon foam. The feedback is bad.

Due to the thick insole, the center of gravity is high. It’s only suitable for daily dressing.

BTW, it also needs time to check the lifetime of Cushlon foam. If the insole of Nike Air Zoom Type can use React, it will be great.

The size of Nike Air Zoom Type is normal size.


The appearance design of Nike Air Zoom Type bases on NIKE Alphafly NEXT%. The design is fashion-forward. It’s cool. As a pair of daily dressing shoes, the configuration of Nike Air Zoom Type is good enough. If you like the soft insole, it will be suitable for you. But I like stronger feedback of insole.

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Today let’s unbox NIKE AIR ZOOM-TYPE Summit White & Black Menta

N.354 series create a lab which is to capture the essence of NIKE’s innovation. In NSW N.354 series, every model is named as ‘TYPE’. This series continue exploration and release ZOOM-Type model to express the idea of innovation. This model carry double ZOOM Air cushion and it has full-length TPU supporting plate. The ZOOM Air cushion and TPU supporting plate are covered in the comfortable foam. It’s very comfortable. The designer also pay attention on the details. It adds punching holes design and exposed stitches on the special area, which improve the air permeability and fitness. The design and material manifest that Nike blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit for the functionality. Let’s have a look at the details:

Summit White

Black Menta