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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

I started to running since 2016. My present weight is 80kg. I have worn more than 10 pairs of running shoes in 4 years. I always love the NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus series running shoes. What about NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37? Let’s have a look at it today.


The appearance NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is amazing. I think most of guys will love its appearance at the first look.

Some running shoes only focus on the function of shoes, but doesn’t care about the appearance. But from NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37, we can see that Nike pursues both of the function and appearance.

The shoe head is asymmetric design. It showed the history of Pegasus ‘est 1972’ and NIKE logo on shoe head.

It marks ZOOM and Swoosh logo on the shoe-pad.

The shoe tongue is asymmetric design, it’s similar to hot-melting material. It’s thin.

The insole is two-tone. The insole of forefoot sole and rear sole uses different material

It uses classic NIKE rear sole design.


The vamp of NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37 uses dual density mesh fabric. The shoe head offers some support. My foot is wide type. It’s a little tight in the begining, but after running, the vamp becomes more stable and comfortable. It brings some surprise to me. The air permeability of vamp is good.


NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37 uses built-in Zoom Air cushion on the forefoot insole. And according to the official introduction, the air cushion is thickened, it also offers different pressure value for men and women shoes. The cushion performance is obvious and excellent.

It uses React foam to match with Zoom. The cushion performance and resilience are obvious. It offers the buffer to forefoot via ZOOM air cushion and offer cushion and resilience to rear sole via React foam.


The outsole of NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37 still uses the classic Pegasus series outsole design. The traction performance is excellent.


The unit weight of US9.5 NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is only 272.6g. It’s not heavy. It’s light after wearing. It controls the weight very well.

Running Test

I have ran about 4 times, about 55KM, I chose different speed to test the performance of NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 37 and also run on different road surface.

The insole condition after running 55KM

The outsole condition after running 55KM

Below is my experience:

  1. The shoe fit the foot very well. It’s comfortable when running.
  2. The supporting performance and stability is also good.
  3. Maybe my weight is too heavy, the cushion performance and resilience of forefoot sole and rear sole has obvious difference when running. If your weight is lighter, you should be able to feel the obvious resilience of React.
  4. The cushion performance and resilience keeps good when running long distance. The insole hasn’t declined obviously after running more than 18km.
  5. After running about 55km, the condition of insole and outsole is still good, we don’t need to worry about the lifetime. It should be no problem to run 800-1000km.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is a pair of excellent cushion running shoes. The appearance is also cool. I will use it as my future jogging shoes. It’s worthy to purchase it if you like it.