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Nike Air Max 97 OG QS Silver Bullet Performance Review

This year is not only the 30 anniversary of the Air Max , but also the 20 anniversary year of Air Max 97. Before we talk  Max 97, let’s learn about the Air Max story.

Since from 1987, Nike launched Air Max technology, so that Nike has taken a step forward in the industry of shoes . Since then, Nike has never stopped innovation of the technology. From Air Max 1released ,cushion technology is gradually perfect, it also show the determination of Nike which innovate . The Air Max 97 is an important watershed for improving .

   In 1997, designer —Charistian Tresser have a talent for  imagination, the appearance of shoes inspired by the rapidly speeding  bullet trains from Tokyo. in part from the rain in a puddle on the wavy line, That is the story of Air Max 97 ,another part is from the metal finishes of bike  – inspired titanium frames with silver aluminum surface, so “silver bullet” is born .

Then the Air MAX 97 used 3M silver cover from the vamp this year . It is combined red Swoosh and the lines of embellishment ,which attractive more and more people . Seems memory is coming back .  At the end of the 90s, people stood in the twilight of a century, the dawn of a new century, and the return to the future. At the same time, Air Max 97 is  attractive with a silvery white

Over the next few years, Air Max 97 cooperate with  SONY Playsation company, and then launched a silver color player. They look like match, in a harmonious .this is not just a coincidence, but a broad sense of time snapshot, a material reflected in the special history .

Michael  get a good  score with Air max 97 in the Atlanta Olympic .Another Olympic star Carle. Lewis retired in 1997 WITH Air Max 97 in the advertise

Compare with last version of Air max , Air Max 97 born with full length Zoom Air ,which have a historical .How to produce full length AIR-Sole was not a secret . forefoot unit work in with the heel which whole palm length of the three-dimensional model closed . This bold innovative ideas laid a solid foundation for shoes later .

This “visible air” have not appeared, they believe that the air bag just air, people questioned air bag really bear the weight when it really do not burst it? In fact, It is not a simple air bag but special gas, which high pressure in different parts into a different pressure, the gas will not be lost due to the impact of external pressure .however it is stability and protect feet.

Nike has been trying to create a more environmentally friendly shoes, which leaking less harmful gases, so Nike used  nitrogen gas in Air Max 97

  It is worth mentioning that, Air Max 97 hidden shoelace design is also a major bright spot.

Maybe someone not like the  colorway or design when first sawing ,but it is really match with any clothes.

Then here we attached some Nike Air Max 97 OG「Metallic Gold」