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Nike Air Force 1 Deconstructed Report

It was in 1982 that Nike designer Bruce Kilgore dialed up his creative mojo and developed the first shoes  in the history of fashion itself. white Air Force 1 unveiled during Complex Con.“It was great timing for us to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Air Force 1, because we just finished celebrating 20 years of Roc-A-Fella

Today we can see the details as below :

Here are some picture from fastpass:



The label’s straightforward application of their iconic logo on the heel and tongue let’s the shoe and the logo do the talking, which is why this shoe was one of the most coveted Air Force 1s when it first surfaced back in 2004.

It was after all the first basketball shoe to have a bag of air inserted into the heel for on-court cushion and support with Zoom Air and Air Max technologies .and then the nike has been followed the design .

For the cushioning : it is usd the long 3/4 NIKE AIR set up .


Air Force 1 stays true to its roots with soft, springy cushioning , we  can see the cushioning clearly 

For the material :  The Air Force 1 generally features a white  leather upper, we see single-line stitching, which also rests above the “AIR” logo on the heel end. and the swoosh stitched both the medial and lateral sides .It has been followed  as so far .As it is about cultural style and substance.

For ventilation : Perforations for breathability ,it is amazing anyway 

We can see the Independent tongue design of this shoes .

Gray color of the insoles which followed by retro SWOOSH LOGO


there are the details of this shoes : QA-7 AFC1 LOW M’S

full length of midsole  . the most important is the cushioned midsole for comfort with every step

there are some picture of the  insole 

They are more data of midsole : the wide ,length ,thickness .

there are more data of the cushioning   : wide .length , thickness

For the traction : Rubber outsole for traction and durability . the rubber traction is soft and comfortable .

Overall : it’s been a few years since I’ve bought myself a new pair due to the great material ,nice cushioning .even the support is not great , but the traction is soft .and also this shoes has been attraction by a lot of girls  who  from all over the world have rocked at school, church, on the street, or at the park .