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Mizuno Wave Rider 24 Performance Review

As one of the Mizuno symbolic running shoes series, Wave Rider always devotes to offer the most excellent cushion and energy feedback. It updates every generation to offer the softest and most elastic feeling.

It has the new breakthrough on Mizuno Wave Rider 24.


The appearance of Mizuno Wave Rider 24 is still concise. It’s longer than Wave Rider 23.

It changed the seamed Mizuno logo to seamless 3D logo. It looks better.

The vamp uses double deck mesh fabric. This kind of design makes the vamp keeping the shape. It uses different colorway and it has some holes on the vamp. The overall appearance looks good.

The sole is gradient ramp. The clorway that I bought is Reach Beyond. The main colorway is deep blue vamp with rose red gradient ramo insole. Mizuno Wave Rider 24 also has released several colorways for men and women models for your choice.

Cushion Performance:

The new technology that Mizuno Wave Rider 24 use is Mizuno Enerzy.

Mizuno Enerzy is the new developed foam material by Mizuno. The apperance of foam material is colloidal, it can store energy and the resilient efficiency to be more softer and elastic.

The insole of Mizuno Wave Rider 23 is U4ic+U4icX. And the superstratum of Mizuno Wave Rider 24 insole is still U4ic, and the part of shoe heel is changed to Mizuno Enerzy material. As per the test of Mizuno developing team, the cushion performance of new Mizuno Enerzy technology has been improved about 6% comparing with Wave Rider 23, and the energy feedback is improved about 12.1%.

Undoubtedly, the cushion performance of Wave Rider 24 is great.

The insole of Wave Rider 24 is soft, but it also has good supporting performance.

It’s worthy to mention that the shoe heel of Wave Rider 24 which uses Mizuno Enerzy material offer great resilience to the foot. The excellent cushion performance will push you run forward and save your energy to make the running easier.


The vamp of Wave Rider 24 is tight at the beginning. But after running, it will break-in your foot and make it more comfortable. The shoe tongue of Wave Rider 24 is bigger than Wave Rider 23. And it uses the elastic woven belt to fix shoe tongue, so that the shoe tongue won’t be easy to move when running.

As the vamp uses double deck mesh fabric, so the fitness is good. And the material is elastic, so it’s also flexible.


The new technology Mizuno Enerzy of Wave Rider 24 guarantees the good cushion performance, and it’s very comfortable when running. If you like the soft insole, you can have a try.