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Mizuno Wave Rider 23 Performance Review

A series shoes can continue to the 23th generation, which means that it gets good feedback in the market. But it also brings big challenge to the designers, as the new series need to keep the previous advantages and also need to have the innovations to follow the trend of the times.

Although Wave Rider 23 don’t have amazing innovations, but it’s better than previous generation.

Appearance: 7.5 scores

Comparing with previous generations, the appearance of Wave Rider 23 is more succinct.  The shoe head and shoe lace holes don’t use the leather design.

The fabric grain of shoe head, upper and shoe heel is different. The black colorway is cool.

Actual Performance: 8.5 scores

After wearing Wave Rider 23 to run several 10KM, I feel that it’s quite stable. It can satisfy the request of most of the runners for daily running training.

Although the shoe shape is a little slender, but it’s not tight.

It has Premium INSOCK shoe-pad, so it’s very comfortable.

When running, the cushion performance and resilient feedback let me can adapt to the road fast.

Cushion Performance: 8 scores

Wave Rider 23 still use Mizuno Wave as the core. The upper layer is foam and the sublayer is light new technology U4icx as the composited insole.

The insole is not very soft. It’s thick and stable. We can feel the impetus from insole. The resilience is good.

Supporting Performance: 8 scores

The fit of double-deck engineering mesh fabric is good and reliable. Although it will effects the air permeability. Mizuno Wave Rider 23 cancels the ankle collar design of Wave Rider 22. But the filler on the shoe throat can also protect the ankle well.

Mizuno Wave Rider 23 use PU with a little leather to replace the full leather shoe lacing holes design. It’s lighter, but also have good supporting performance.

The hollow-out design can fit the arch well. And it uses a big area of stabilizing device on the shoe heel. So the stability is great.

Durability: 8.5 scores

The outsole of Mizuno Wave Rider 23 uses the X10 carbon rubber material. It’s said by the official that the durability is 80% higher than normal rubber.

After running several times, we can see that the sole of Mizuno Wave Rider 23 doesn’t have obvious abrasion. The abrasive resistance is reliable.

As the grain of the sole is deep, so the traction performance is not bad.

Overall: 8.5 scores

Mizuno Wave Rider 23 may push you to run faster. It doesn’t have excellent feeling. But it’s quite stable and reliable.