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Lebron Witness IV EP Performance Review

After leaving the basketball court for a period of time, I believe that readers who love basketball have been doing other sports to keep the good body status. When the basketball court is reopened, the players will be in a hurry to play basketball games, they will also show off their mothballed basketball shoes.

Let’ s have a look at LeBron Wintness IV EP to see if it will be one of your choice.

Witness series belong to LeBron series basketball shoes. The price is cheaper than Solider series. So Lebron James rarely ware Witness series shoes. This time he weared Witness IV to play the basketball games for a few times. The colorway is special and appearance is cool, and the price is affordable for most of guys, what about its actual performance?

Comfort Level:

The outsole design of Lebron Witness IV is similar to Lebron XVII. It has two pieces of Zoom Air on the forefoot sole. The Witness IV insole uses foam to replace the Max Air of Lebron XVII. The feedback of ZOOM Air on forefoot sole is obvious, it can absorb the impulsion when moving. But the cushion performance is not good enough when jumping to the ground. The usage of foam is small. And it’s a little stiff.

The vamp of Lebron Witness IV is made of mesh fabric. With hot-melting material to reinforce the shoe head and shoe heel, it keeps the light weight. It’s easy to put on and take off by adjusting the shoelaces. It doesn’t need times to break-in. Except the insufficient cushion performance, it’s comfortable.

The model is middle type. The mesh fabric is not thin and can offer enough protection. And it also has hot-melting material to reinforce to protect the tiptoes. And it uses high-density mesh fabric on the position which near to the shoe heel. The high-density mesh fabric coordinates with the exposed stabilizing plate to increase the stability and anti-torsion performance. The stabilizing plate on the shoe heel has the pattern of lion. It looks good and it can also improve the stability.

The lining of shoe tongue coordinates with the thin pad above shoe tongue, with the padding on the shoe collar, it can fix the ankle very well. The fitness of forefoot is also good. It doesn’t have big space to move in the shoes. The fitness and anti-torsion performance of Lebron Witness IV is good. It should can offer good protection.

Why did I say “should be”? As after testing, we find that the anti-rollover performance is not good enough. The outboard of forefoot sole has outrigger, but it can’t offer good anti-rollover performance. The position of outrigger isn’t closed to ground, so it can offer the anti-rollover performance.


The outsole of Lebron Witness IV is described as impact wave pattern, and the pattern is deep. Moreover, it’s not transparent outsole. After playing about 5 basketball games, the pattern is still clear. So the durability should be good. The traction performance is also great.

The vamp is made of vamp with hot-melting material, so it should not be easy to broken.

The price of Lebron Witness IV is affordable. It has two pieces of ZOOM Air on the forefoot sole. The configuration is worthy to purchase at present price. The flexibility and durability are also excellent. But the anti-rollover performance is bad.
Overall, the appearance and colorway of Witness IV is more excellent than before. And it has ZOOM Air cushion. It’s worthy to have a try if you like it.