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Lasportiva Uragano Gtx Performance Review

Cross-country running in the green countryside of nature is not only a major test of physical strength and willpower, but also allows people to leave their worries and close the nature. So many people like to go to the picturesque forest mountains for trail running.



The same is true, we need a shoe that can face the outdoors and target off-road. Compared with normal shoes, cross-country running shoes should be  pay more attention to protection our feet . For example, the toe can prevent the toes from being hit by gravel, and the body needs to have good wrapping and support to make our pace more stable. Its traction needs to be able to cope with different terrains. This makes it possible to grasp the ground more strongly in the process and also needs to have a good shock absorption function to relieve the force of the knee joint and the ankle. The upper must be tougher than conventional shoes to prevent it from being scratched by the grassy rocks in the forest. Shoelaces need to be prevented from being pulled loose by the outside world, so many trail running shoes will have shoelace storage bags. In addition, the outdoor environment is inevitably wading, and waterproofing is also necessary.

LASPORTIVA is a long-established, Italian-inspired, professional brand that specializes in the design and production of outdoor sports footwear. It also has a deep technical precipitation and design heritage in off-road running shoes. Just like this pair of LASPORTIVA URAGANO GTX trail running shoes.


The newly released Uragano GTX and Tempesta GTX are very impressive all season additions to the already superb La Sportiva trail running selection.  The previous (and still available) Gore Tex winter stalwarts are the Wildcat GTX and Crossover 2.0 GTX , which have been two of my favorites over the years for their great traction, protection, durability and top notch waterproof protection in the sloppiest of conditions.

The upper of both the Uragano GTX and Tempesta GTX have extended Gore Tex/Gore Flex comfort booties constructed of Airmesh with a Gore Tex membrane to offer a combination of breathability and waterproofing.  Under the foot, the Strobel board is a Gore-Flex which is waterproof/breathable and designed to improve run ability.



IMPAT BRAKE SYSTEM’s signage is the combination of the brand and VIBRAM open shock absorption outsole technology, which can absorb impact and strengthen grip through special sole texture design. In my opinion, this is an upgraded version of the regular V-bottom. As far as the data is concerned, IMPAT BRAKE SYSTEM is referred to as the buffer brake system, that is, IBS. The FRIXION AT double rubber formula provides wear resistance and control over different floors.


I have heard occasional complaints that Gore Tex is too hot, but my feet are always quite comfortable in them within the temperature range where they are most useful, which for me can be anywhere from below zero to 70 degree days in deep wet Spring slush (though if 70 and dry, they will feel overly warm).

The toe collision of cross-country running shoes is important. Because of the outdoor running  characteristics  must required the more flexibility. At this point, the toe hits the outside world is inevitable,so we need a good protection of running  shoe.The toe bumper is very sturdy and protective.


In fact the rear of the foot hold and stability overall is among the best, especially at the rear of the shoe of any I have tested this year comparable to the excellent Merrell Agility Peak Flex in its hiking boot security in a run shoe.


Getting into the Uragano is a “stretch” for sure, but I really appreciated the debris and moisture protection as well as the extra ankle hold and security of the stretch gaiter.  On the minus side, I will say it is very difficult to return the excellent and substantial Ortholite sockliner if you take it out to dry due to the gaiter.  The stretch gaiter reminded me of a beefier version of the gaiter in the trail racer focused adidas Adizero XT Boost.

Because of the need to quickly respond to the diversity of outdoor pavements, cross-country running shoes are required to have better wrapping and support. In this way, even when the force is uneven, the feet can avoid the state of the force distortion in the accidental scene.All in all , avoiding accidental injuries is important .The so-called elastic sock is naturally tightened on the upper foot to make it fit better with the foot.

The design of the shoelace is different from that of the conventional outdoor shoes. It can be seen that the shoelace does not directly pass through the shoelace through hole of the upper, but the shoelace guide groove is used to realize the matching, so that the shoe is brought when tightening the shoelace Uniform shrinkage force effect.


We can clearly see that the design of the ankle position is made of a number of fine-pored elastic fabrics. It is also the characteristic of this elastic fabric, avoiding the friction of the conventional loose shoe mouth and ankle position during running.


The functional design of the shoelace system to automatically disperse the pressure has been explained above, but the shoelace system split is still separately explained because of the design in which the shoelace can be stored.A flat thin lace instead of the round cords would  hold the top of my foot better and stay tighter. I found that by really cinching down at the start of my runs, a bit to much for permanent all run comfort  that I did not need to re tie that often as it seems I got most of the stretch out of the laces with the initial tie and then they expanded just enough on the run to give a secure yet not constraining fit.

As shown in the following figure, the larger step on the larger slope will advance. After the foot is settled, the body will inevitably tilt. As the support of the whole body, the feet are subjected to more pressure than usual during the tilting state. At this time, the shoes can provide favorable external support for the feet, and the effect of the release pressure on the local position.


For the cushioning : the cushioning is the most important for the running shoes . After all, because of the diversity of the wild environment, there will be more activity pressure on the knee joints and ankles. In terms of appearance, the midsole of LASPORTIVA URAGANO GTX trail running shoes is thicker.The cushioning part is great.


For the traction :The  traction is nice, it is varied rubber compounds for maximum stickiness and wildely sapced lug pattern .

FriXion AT V Groove with Impact Brake System, a winning combination of deep and beefy 6 mm lugs, made up varied rubber compounds for maximum stickiness and excellent durability and longevity.  Traction is amazing on wet rock, mud, snow and just about anything else, wet or dry.  The widely spaced lug pattern sheds mud very well.

Because running is much larger than walking, the sweat on the feet increases. For this brand, the Gore fabric is selected on the waterproof membrane, and the insole part in the internal environment. The PTH moisture wicking insole is used to adapt to the long distance cross-country activities.


Fit is somewhat on the small side, especially when factoring in a thicker sock for colder conditions, so for my lower volume foot that is just about always a size 10, I sized up to a 10.5 in both the Uragano GTX and the Tempesta GTX (as I also have done with the Wildcat GTX and Crossover GTX and other Winter specific shoes).


There is no adjustment around the cuff of the gaiter, but it fits taut around my skinny ankle.  There is enough give/stretch that I think it would be comfortable for those with much larger ankles than I.


That front flexibility has a minus side as there is no rock protection and especially so at the very front where the midsole is very thin. My  toes got quite tired on a technical rocky hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. On  more moderate single track I definitely had some rock bite if I landed or pushed off at the very front of the shoe.  Further back from that front thin flex area zero problems and no need for rock protection.

Because running is much larger than walking, the sweat on the feet increases. For this brand, the Gore fabric is selected on the waterproof membrane, and the insole part in the internal environment. The PTH moisture wicking insole is used to adapt to the long distance cross-country activities.


Overall : Among the many outdoor brands, the design concept that always pays attention to performance and does not neglect the value of the LASPORTIVA is the customary style of LASPORTIVA, which has a conspicuous style and direct impression. This can reflect the glamour of youthful and energetic. And this is also the charm of trail running.LASPORTIVA URAGANO GTX trail running shoes are not unconventional in appearance. Functionally capable of responding to diverse terrains. The overall is light and comfortable.